Self Performance Review Example for PDF and Doc

Self performance review example is a review form that is usually created by the company. This form is usually held by company. The function of this form is to review the performance of the employee during working contract in the company.

The company will set certain dates to deliver the form and ask the employees to answer the form. In some condition, the company will ask the employees to make self-performance review. When a company ask the employee to create such assessment, means you will need write your performance.

The Purpose of Creating Self Performance Review Example

Before creating such form, it is important to know what you are going to write especially if the company ask the employees to create their own self-assessment. In order to create excellent self-performance, you need present self-progress and achievement in a good order.

As this form is created by the company to know about their employees’ current performance, you need to set a good record in your review. One of the very first step to create good impression is by creating a clean, simple, and neat review form.

Presenting these points will help to create a good form. Each of the points deliver about the composition of the employee’s performance in a better view. Some of the data will be delivered with tables and some others not.

There are several points that needs to be written. A simple performance review template will at least have three points to review. Each of the point tell about the employee’ data. Things that needs to be delivered in each point will be explain below.

Easy Step to Create Simple Performance Review

A simple sample will deliver three points that present the information related to the employee. The first point is the employee info. In this part, there are four things that is shown. Those are employee’s name, employee’s ID, position job, and department.

These data needs to be filled out in a complete way. Moving on to the next point is the performance review info. In this section, you will find several general required data such as reviewer, review period that provide the date of the reviewing time.

Then, there are last review date and present review date info. In this part, you need to put the dates accurately with the events that you have been doing. The last point of self-performance evaluation will talk about the quality of work.

In this part, there will tables with column to show the performance level of the employee. Four tables show about the employee’s quality, unsatisfactory rate, satisfactory rate, and excellent level. Under the quality section, there are several points that overview the achievement.

Those are works to potential data, work consistency data, communication skills that the employee has shown, independent work, taking initiative in work team, group work performance, productivity during work, and the last one is attendance.

All of this list needs to be fill out. It will help to view the result of the employee working review. Then, to make the form legal, a comment and an approval are needed along with signature. Both of employee and reviewer signature should be presented in the self performance review example.


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