senior electrician resume sample

Senior electrician resume sample can be the way to help you in making a resume. A resume is an important first document that you need to write when you want to apply a new job to the new company. Yes, the resume will be the requirement in joining. By using the resume, you are able to show your personal profile. Then, the resume also will be consideration of approval since it tells about the skills, experiences and achievements of the candidate. In this occasion, we will talk about an example of a resume. By seeing the example of it, of course you could know how to write a good resume and what to include inside it.

Sample of Senior Electrician Resume

Javier Santiago

4728 Price Court, Los Angeles, CA. Phone: +1 (555) 723 8340


Senior Electrical Lake Forest and Pleasant Prairie

Los Angeles, CA

06/2016 – present

  • Completing all assigned safety training on time
  • Maintaining the highest level of the cleanliness in areas of storage and in work
  • Assembling and installing lighting fixtures, disconnects, switches, electrical panels, boxes of junction, fittings of conduits, hangers, and makes the wiring terminations.
  • Responsible for making the safe execution for each assignment
  • Maintaining the inventory or stock in a clean, neat and organized fashion
  • Assembling, installing, testing and repairing the electrical conduits, fittings, electrical panels, motor control centers and motor starter based on the specification and standard

Senior Electrician II RD Shift

Boston, MA

11/2012 – 03/2016

  • Troubleshooting PLC’s and performing the work of instrumentation
  • Working at the heights of the 25 feet or greater
  • Willing to assist with the breakdowns of machine and the project
  • Assisting with the installation projects
  • Initiative working without the attendance of supervision
  • Working in compliance with the National Electric Code and NFPA 70E
  • Providing own tools

Senior Electrician

Chicago, IL

05/2005 – 07/2012

  • Assigning, completing and documenting the request of working using the facilities of CMMS
  • Performing the corrective working orders in order to support the utilities and the operations of laboratory
  • Repairing the production of equipment from the basic hydraulic equipment to the complex CNC machinery
  • Performing both electrical and mechanical working
  • Participating in the daily shift meetings
  • Prioritizing and reviewing the orders of working to schedule the daily working
  • Scheduling the working with the manager and the other department
  • Managing the electrical contractor activities and the planning of working
  • Performing the various activities as it is needed


State University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Training



  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Valid Oregon LME
  • Knowing about the codes, laws and regulations
  • Ability to use the computer effectively and the program of computer including the Microsoft Office and Suite
  • High skill in using the internet and how to use the internet as the way to develop the working
  • Ability to handle the kinds of the electronic devices
  • Knowledge about the structure and the content of the English language including the meaning and the spelling of the words, the composition rules and the grammar
  • Ability to create, to modify and to edit the process and reports
  • Able to work below a deadline and pressure


senior electrician resume sample

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