Senior Lab Technician Resume Sample

Senior Lab Technician job description has responsibility that works under clinical lab technologist supervision and get the tasks to run various clinical tasks including preparing the specimens in the lab by using lab technologist, following -up the test data manually and in detailed, capable to see the test and make detail analysis. The person also needs to understand about clinical lab technologist.

Hillary Rise

1165 Fall River Street, Glen Burnie, MD, 21060, Phone: +1 (240) 889-61145



                                                Glen Burnie, MD

                                                08/2015 – present

  • Have long experience in the laboratory process that is seen in the senior lab technician resume sample
  • Have worked under various type of chemical laboratory manufacturers
  • Have proficient specialty in the chemical subjects
  • Capable to do analyze, compose, process, and develop data subjects in the laboratory using standards techniques and instruments
  • Can hand chemical process, mining, and do control system
  • Can use IR Spectroscopy and can solve the extractions
  • Maintain the troubleshooting and other related instruments
  • Understand about the works field and performing works under GLP, cGM, CFR, PTC, and SOPs
  • Have sufficient competence in the clinical scientific subjects
  • Create projects and assists the works
  • Create strong and firm connection with excellent communication



Lewiston, ME

06/2010 – 05/2015

  • Works under supervision from the head laboratory
  • Have long experience in the laboratory
  • Proficient specific laboratory subjects such as genetic, pathological, neuromuscular, and many more
  • understand about DNA, and have capability to design and analyze patients’ DNA
  • Performing complete performance that require sequences of clinical treatments
  • Handle fragment size determination, polymorphism genotyping, and various assays
  • Capable to interpret the data and take the right decisions and steps
  • Assist the process of the PI and guide it under the regulations
  • Have performed long sequences of laboratory tasks
  • Understand about basic histological and can do preparation that requires fixing, section and staining
  • Take part to develop clinical methods
  • Maintain to give smooth and focus operations



Waltham, MA

05/2007 – 04/2010

  • Understand about various diseases and have capability to make analysts
  • Have ability to do deep research about certain clinical subjects
  • Work with team and show successful performance
  • Operate the general laboratory stuffs such as organizing, serving, presentation, and analyzing data
  • Can conduct, analyze, and record various data
  • Take part in overseeing the new workers and build teamwork to run the tasks
  • Work tactfully, do cleaning and ensuring to maintain the lab equipment and tools to be clean
  • Understand about lab tools such as glassware and know how to operate it
  • Have experienced in performing experienced technics in the lab
  • Understand about cell culture, western blotting, bladder, PCR, confocal microscopy, mouse works, and know how to use it
  • Proficient in in lab basic skills and computer basic skills



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Laboratory technician



  • Presenting great communication skills for both written and verbal
  • Own excellent interpersonal skills, compassionate, dignity, and focus
  • Have great experience in compiling and arranging the document
  • Can do documentations that happen in the laboratory
  • Have wide understanding about laboratory procedures and capable to perform it in a best way
  • Have ability to collect data, save and arrange the lab data
  • Have been participated in various projects that works individually and teamwork
  • Capable to work with team, build relations between members, and work a great teamwork
  • Have been participated in the laboratory projects and shown significant performance
  • Have deep understanding about clinic and laboratory
  • Understand about clinical technics and other thing that related to it
  • Can work with different department and create strong connections with team



Senior Lab Technician Resume Sample

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