Senior Teller Resume Sample

Senior teller resume sample can be the helper for those who want to join becoming senior teller in order to continue their career. A resume, as we know, will be the first requirement asked by the employer in the recruitment process. By using a resume, of course you are able to show your personal identity to make the employer knows who you are. Then, a resume is also important to show the skills, experiences and achievements of you to build you as the potential candidate to be recruited. Well, in this occasion, we will talk about a sample of a resume. By knowing the sample of it, I am sure that making a resume will be easier to do and you will know what to include inside it.

Sample of Senior Teller Resume

Jean Marais

4512 Green Tunnel, Philadelphia, PA. Phone: +1 (555) 761 0081


Lake Forest Bank-North Chicago Location Senior Teller

Chicago, IL

05/2015 – present

  • Assisting with the training and the ongoing development of the staff of teller
  • Assisting the teller supervisors with the kinds of duties as it is assigned
  • Upholding the established culture of the win-trust
  • Recognizing the potential fraud and the report to the management as it is necessary
  • Adhering to all established of the procedures of security in order to ensure the safety, especially for the employees and customers
  • Responsible for the opening and the closing of the bank

Floating Senior Teller

New York, NY

05/2008 – 02/2015

  • Assisting the customer service manager in the side of performing self-audits
  • Creating a connection and developing the rapport with the customer in order to provide the outstanding and the service of personalized
  • Working with the established polices, the guideline and embrace culture of candor, procedure, change, teamwork and inclusion
  • Performing the more complex transaction
  • Providing the superior customer service
  • Handling the problem of customer service using the established procedures and policies
  • Assisting the customer service manager with the issues of the branch personnel such as the counseling of employee, balancing and scheduling
  • Supporting the management of branch in the efforts of branch’s marketing and sales
  • Ensuring the comply of branch personnel with the kinds of rules and the regulations

Senior Teller

Phoenix, AZ

11/2000 – 09/2007

  • Assisting and reliving the functions of the various customer service
  • Providing the award-winning of the customer service with a good attitude
  • Demonstrating the exceptional teamwork and the potentially mentor of the new employees
  • Assisting the job training and the cross training of the staff of customer service
  • Performing other kinds of the duties as it is needed
  • Handling the proportionate volume of work based on the demands of branch
  • Building, developing and maintaining the partnerships with the teammate and specialists to maximize the detail effectiveness and the serve of customers


Clark Atlanta University

Associate’s Degree



  • Proficiency in the detail of basic computer skills
  • Ability to work weekend hours and/or extended hours
  • Ability to use the office machines
  • Ability to perform the basic mathematical function
  • Good communication in both verbal and written
  • Ability to travel, occasionally over night
  • Strong writing skill
  • Good focus in the detail
  • Open minded with the innovation


Senior Teller Resume Sample

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