10+ Sample Silent Auction Bid Sheet

Silent Auction Bid Sheet Samples for Word and Excel Doc

Silent Auction Bid Sheet is a different technique of delivering your auction in a bid event. If the auction is casually seen by the auctioneer, the silent one isn’t. The person can set the price for certain items without being known.

Silent Auction Bid Sheet 11

This kind of bidding has been used in some events. Most of the time, it changes and influence the result of the final bidding in the event. This happens when the person can offer great price for valuable item. If you are curious about how this silent bid is working then take down below.

How to Offer with Silent Auction Bid Sheet

If you are going to offer price by using silent bid type, then you are going to do it right. This bid works by sending the sheet. It is important to create a proper bid sheet. The templates here will help you to create the bid sheet correctly.

Silent Auction Bid Sheet 12

To start the bid form, you are going to write the title of the bid in the top of the form. Then, the next category to write is the auction item. It is important to mention what item that you are going to aim. Mentions clearly about the item name. Usually, the person who joins in a bid has a team.

Write down the team name under the auction item. The approximate value that you are going to send will be written there. Then, there is a minimum bid and the overbids that must be a minimum of certain numbers of dollars.

Under this information, there will be three tables in Silent Auction Bid Sheet template. Each of the templates consists of the name, the phone, and the bid number. The auctioneers and the team who hold the bid event needs to understand about this form.

This form needs to be written correctly. Each of the attendances or the participants in the event that offer for bid will be written in the list along with the detail of the bid number. After knowing about what the basic sheet of the silent auction design, you may want to know further about certain things.

Silent Auction Bid Item Basic Things

There certain things that can help to start the bid in a silent auction. First, the item display. This is main aspect in silent auction. The item will be displayed in appropriate manner. It needs to be stand out and appealing to the audiences that attend to the event.

Silent Auction Bid Sheet 13

Some parts like easels, stages, platform, cases are just several things need to manage along with the location and lighting. A desirable item that is displayed will get maximum value. The possibility of revenue the actions is high and get the top of the bid is high as well.

A Silent Auction Bid Sheet sample will always have bid sheets. The details of the information are all explained here. This is including the item that will be displayed, the value of the item. The more desirable the item is, the more expensive the value will be.

Then, the short description of the item will be in the Silent Auction Bid Sheet. The amount of minimum number of bid needs to be mentioned there as well. The availability for people that can offer the bid will be listed. A bidding event will must need volunteers and auction monitors too.


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