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Simple Receipt Template and What to Include Inside It

For any transaction, receipt is an important document to prepare. This document could be the proof of the transaction and could be used as the transparent aspect of the transaction. There are many kinds of the receipts based on the kinds of transaction but we will talk about simple receipt template.

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Knowing the simple receipt is nice in order to help you arranging the receipt that you need to make in your transaction process. By a simple receipt, of course everything inside the transaction could be handled well and I am sure that the transaction will be better with it.

Here, we will show you about things to include when you want to make a good and simple receipt template. For those who are curious with it, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

What to Include Inside a Simple Receipt?

As we have said before, a receipt is one of an important document for the transaction. It is because the document is used as the proof of the happened transaction. To make a good receipt, there are some information that you need to put inside it.

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Some matters to include in making a receipt are:

  • Detail of company

For the first, it is your turn to write about the detail of company. Here, in the receipt, you need to write about the name of company, the address and the contact number. It is simple but important because this matter will ease the customers to find you.

  • Recipient’s detail information

In a simple receipt, you also need to write about the detail information of recipient. Here, the details of recipient to write are name, address and their contact. Make sure that you write their name correctly because the receipt could be used as document to claim.

  • List of services and cost

The next thing to include in making a receipt is the item of transaction. Here, you could write the things that becomes the commodity of transaction clearly and in detail. In other hand, do not forget to write about the detail cost of it too.

  • Method of payment

To make a clear transaction, it is nice when you add the method of payment in making a receipt. There are some kinds of the methods of payment used inside the transaction. However, in making a receipt, you need to be specific to write the kind of payment that is used.

  • Terms inside transaction

In making a transaction, you are allowed to write some terms inside it. The terms could be used to control the running of the transaction. In other hand, the term also tells about the warranty about item of transaction.

Here, you may write the terms of the transaction inside the receipt. By writing the detail terms inside transaction, it could be seen that there is an agreement between the buyer and seller inside the transaction.

Well, that is all about the receipt that you need to know. You may follow some items above when you want to make a simple receipt template.


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