Statement/Personal Financial Statement

Statement/Personal Financial Statement and tips to make the statement impressive to read

Statement/personal financial statement is one of the important documents that can be used in some purpose including business loan proposal. This document will show you the personal assets and liabilities for your personal net worth. Therefore, you should write it in the proper writing to make the reader easy to understand.

It will be great idea for you to prepare this statement because this idea will help you to consider the major life of change to affect your finances. Besides, your statement better, you can start it with your own business, retire or travel, and change career. You can follow this step to make it better.

How to write statement/personal financial statement easy to understand

To make it easy to understand, the first step in the personal financial statement is deciding what format that will work the best for you. To write this statement, most people will use a spreadsheet program such as Excel. You can use a simple pad of paper and a pencil especially when you are not good in computer.

Besides, you also can consider the software program that may help you to personal statement such as Microsoft Money or quicken. You also can create a balance sheet where it will show you to know how much you own and what you owe. It also will give you an idea about personal net worth easily.

How to make statement/personal financial statement interesting

The statement will be more interesting if you also can create an income statement. In this part of statement, it will show you how much the money that you are earned and how much you spent. Adding up all of the income such as salaries, rental, bonuses, and business income is also important.

It is also important for you to update your personal finance statement regularly. This idea will be helpful because it can help you to monitor any changes in your finances without any difficulties. Including the narrative with the number also will help you to remember what was going on the specific period of time.

Tips to make statement/personal financial statement impressive

The statement will be impressive when you can work with the financial planner or advisor. You can ask to the professional to review your statement. This idea is also useful to see if you have missed anything in your statement because the advisor usually will give their best feedback to their client about it.

Since this statement is general document that will list the things that you own and owe, you should write this one clear and formal to write. Besides, you also should be sure to have the supporting the records ready where it will share with the lender and it also will help you to make easier in process.

The final tip in this statement/personal financial statement is that you should write this one in honest, complete, and accurate especially when you prepare and present this statement. The honest statement writing usually will make the readers easy to understand and you also will be easier to write it.

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