Sample Subcontractor Agreement Template

How to Create a Proper Subcontractor Agreement Template

Subcontractor agreement is a legal contract made between the main contractor & his or her subcontractor. If you are involved in a project, it is very important to be able to create this agreement. In this article, we will discuss further about it. So, you have to pay attention to it carefully.

Construction Subcontractor Agreement


How to Write a Subcontractor Agreement

There are some details that you will need to include in a subcontractor contract template. So, make sure that your agreement provides the following details. One of inclusions should be the assignments & responsibilities of the subcontractor. In this section, you should list down his or her responsibilities.

Besides that, you will also have to provide the due date of the work. The due date depends on the agreement reached between a main contractor & his or her subcontractor. After the agreement is reached, the result must be included in this agreement.

Then, it is also very important to state the pay rate of work. It is considered as one of the most essential parts of this agreement. So, there will not be any issue related to the pay rate later. The payment is usually made in advanced but it can also be paid with a down payment before.

Next, rules & regulations must also be clear. That is why this agreement needs to state the rules & regulations as clear & detailed as possible. Both parties have to follow these rules & regulations under the agreement. If one party breaches it, he or she must get the consequences.

In addition, a subcontractor agreement template should still contain some clauses & details, too. One of them is the insurance clauses. Besides that, default clauses & indemnity clauses should also be mentioned in detailed. One more, your agreement must include change orders, too.

This agreement is very important since it offers protection to both owner & worker of a project. It outlines all details such as final purposes & visions of the work, due date, and also payment. Therefore, no one will be blindsided. That is why nothing should be missed in this agreement.

Besides that, it also minimizes the risk of management for a project & the transfer of works. With this agreement, it means you avoid any potential legal issue & insurance cost. Even more, professional relationship & expectation will also be clear. That is why this agreement is needed so much.

The question is: is it allowed? For your information, when a company hires a contractor, they create a contract named a master agreement. Sometimes, a company allows the contractor to hire subcontractors but some others do not allow it. It is stated in the master agreement.

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Even though the company allows it, usually a master agreement says that the contractor is responsible for any issue caused by subcontractors. So, you have to be careful and think twice before you decide to hire a subcontractor and write a subcontractor agreement. Hopefully this can be a useful reference.

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