Sublease Agreement Sample Template

Sublease Agreement Template Tips and Guidelines

If the tenant of a property gives his / her rights under the lease to other parties, it warrants a sublease. Sublease agreement will protect both the tenant & the subtenant. That is why a sublease agreement template has to describe the rights & responsibilities of each party as detail & clear as possible.

Airport Sublease Agreement Template


Tips to Make a Sublease Agreement Template

Before you start writing a sublease contract template, you will need to plan it. For planning, you will have to determine whether you are allowed to sublease or not. Besides that, you will also need to collet & provide info on the reliability of your subtenant.

Then, you have to keep in mind that you are still responsible for the dwelling leased even though you hire a subtenant. It is also important to plan how you handle the security deposit. One more, you should determine how the rent or lease will be paid.

After all of the planning is considered properly, now you can start writing. To write it, you can start by mentioning the name of each party. It must be clear who becomes a tenant and who becomes a subtenant. After the names, it should be followed with the date of the agreement.

Secondly, it requires you to identify the rented or leased property. In this section, what you have to do is to write the complete address of the property. Do not forget to describe the type of the property whether it is a house, villa, apartment, etc.

In writing a sublease agreement form, you should also provide the terms of the sublease. In this part, you will need to mention the date the sublease starts and also the date the sublease will end. Besides that, the time the subtenant will take & surrender possession should also be determined in advance.

Next, this agreement should also contain the schedule & the amount of the rent. The agreed amount of the rent must be stated exactly. Then, the date when the subtenant has to pay for it should also be stated clearly. Commonly, subtenant pays monthly but it depends on the agreement.

The next inclusion to put in this agreement is the security deposit. Sometimes, the original tenant requires security deposit but some tenants do not. If the subtenant has to pay security deposit, the amount & information about the return must be explained in the agreement.

Last, after everything is clear and there is no any error, both parties have to sign off the document. Under the handwritten signatures must be their printed full names. Do not forget that each party needs to retain a copy of this agreement so that they can keep one.

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Now, you have to directly deliver the sublease agreement template to the landlord. Before that, make sure that you have multiple copies of the signed agreement. So, you will have one, your subtenant will have one, and your landlord will also have one. Make sure that it is sent to the right person.

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