10+ Sample SWOT Analysis Template

How to Use SWOT Analysis Template to Brainstorm for Strategic Planning

When you have set your goal on something, you know that strategy is important to succeed the plan. If that is the case, you’ve got to learn using SWOT analysis template. What does the SWOT stand for? They are Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. You see the connection?

Swot Analysis Template 01

There are strengths in something, but weaknesses would always come along too. Even so, the opportunities will arise to deal with it as long as you are careful with the threats. Let us tell you the use of this analysis template here.

SWOT Analysis Template Step #1

First, it is best for you to start with the problem. Let’s suppose you are planning on launching new product. However, there can be barriers to enter it in the market. Here, you need to find out what those barriers are. Without knowing them, you can’t succeed in bringing your product in the market.

Swot Analysis Template 02

After all, by knowing the barriers, you will think of something unique to blast them through with your product. SWOT analysis brainstorm might look very simple as analysis tool, but it can help bring new product to the marketplace.

SWOT Analysis Template Step #2

Second, you can also start by the strengths too. You see, strengths can appear in any form. Despite that, they can be made good use of to come up with good strategy. Strong social media accounts for example, can be of use for media coverage. Strengths can be useful and beneficial if used properly.

Swot Analysis Template 03

It applies the same with other strengths too, like large Facebook audience, strong relationship with press, large budget, unique selling proposition, and customer loyalty level. They will be sure to boost the sales that your company makes.

SWOT Analysis Template Step #3

Third, we can move on to the opportunities part. This time, you will need to list them all to make powerful SWOT analysis. In order to do the listing yourself, it would be necessary for you to do some research. Study your competition and see if there are advantages to be found over similar products.

Swot Analysis Template 04

If you can see what the competition lacks, there must be opportunities being missed out. Try to recognize them and make sure not to miss them out yourself. By doing so, the marketing plan will certainly guide you to succeed it.

SWOT Analysis Template Step #4

Fourth, you need to assess weaknesses too. Don’t just pay your attention to the opportunities. Soon, you will face all sorts of challenge. When just starting out, things like this often come. Weaknesses do appear in many different forms too, like not having much follower in your social media accounts.

Swot Analysis Template 05

Without much follower, you can’t expect much interaction for investment return. You just need to be honest here and return your weakness to your advantage. SWOT analysis template will help you in such way to succeed your plan. Give it a try since it is worth trying. It is free to download as well.


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