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How to Hand-write a Sympathy Thank You Note by Your Own

Sometimes, you want to find the words in order to express gratitude in a certain time such as bereavement. This is very difficult. If you want to write a sympathy thank you note rightly & properly, you will need to pay attention and follows the guidelines below.

How to Write a Sympathy Thank You Note

Before you start writing a sympathy thank you card, you have to purchase cards with envelopes first. Make sure that the design and color are subdued. To make it personal, you should buy a blank note so that you can write it by your own.

Alternatively, it is also a good idea to send a plain thank you note. However, muted cards are also acceptable. But you have to keep in mind that you cannot email this kind of thank you note because it is extremely impersonal. Even more, it can also be considered as a serious note.

To start writing, we recommend you to write with a pen. It does not matter whether you prefer a card or letter, but hand-written note is much more personal than the typed one. Besides that, it will also feel more intimate as well as polished.

In fact, hand-written note is considered as a note that comes from the deepest heart. On the other hand, typed note is too formal and it can be considered as the result of copy & paste. That is why we recommend you to hand-write the note by your own.

The first thing to write in the sympathy thank you letter is the name of the recipient. You have to address it clearly by mentioning the name. Nick name or call name feels much more personal rather than full name. For example, you can simply write “Dear (followed with the recipient’s name)”.

After that, you have to thank the recipient for specific thing. It can be a real item like a card or flower, a gesture of condolence like making a heartfelt phone call or attending a funeral, or emotional support. Anyway, you have to mention the specific demonstrate you notice & appreciate the effort made.

It is also a good idea to express positive thing about the recipient if possible. For example, if someone passed away, you can mention how much the recipient meant to the deceased. If he or she attended an event, you can write how much his or her being there rally gave you strengths.

Next, you have to make the gratitude clear. In this step, you have to start offering a general appreciation expression. Here, you need to state how much the recipient’s kindness has meant to your family & you. You can say that with your own words from the deepest heart.


sympathy hank you note to coworkers

Finally, you need to conclude the sympathy thank you note. To end the note, you can simply write the following words such as “From our hearts”, “Warm regards”, “With love”, “Sincerely”, etc. Then, it should be followed with your signatures and your name.

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