Respectful Resignation with Sending a Teacher Resignation Letter to Principal Description:

A person certainly expects the stability of the working conditions he is doing, especially a teacher. Teachers want to keep teaching and don’t want to move schools to get the best out of them. However, the conditions and lucky situations are not always impartial, where the teacher allows resigning due to the forced conditions that must be decided. Using a teacher resignation letter to principal is a surefire solution to leave respectfully and wisely.

153. Respectful Resignation with Sending a Teacher Resignation Letter to Principal

What is a good reason for resigning from a teaching job?

Of course, every condition that makes a person to resign from a job will vary by individual. There are several good reasons that you can apply to the headmaster, such as:

  1. Working conditions that do not allow to grow and develop
  2. Lack of supportive environment
  3. Incorrect expectations
  4. Disciplinary issues
  5. Personal conditions requiring you to resign

How to write a letter of resignation to a principal?

Since writing a teacher resignation letter to principal is official, you need to write a letter in a formal language that is easy to understand. Avoid using non-standard words, given that the message you convey is official. Don’t forget to write down all the strong reasons why you resigned.

Simple examples you can use

Here is a simple example teacher resignation letter to principal that you can use and modify according to existing needs and conditions.

Dear Mr. Alex

Through this letter, I intend to resign from my teaching position at AAA High School. My resignation is effective on January 1, 2020, and this letter serves as a notice of my resignation. Indeed, I am very hard-hearted to give up this best job that I will probably never find in any school. The supportive environment and friendly staff made me love and love this school environment, even considered as my extended family.

To assist with all existing teaching transitions, I will prepare for all transitional issues in the last two weeks before I resign. I appreciate all the hard work that has been given to me to keep growing and growing. I will promise to clean up all the work bestowed on me until everything is done.

The substantial reason for my resignation was because of the transfer of my husband’s work area abroad. I had to follow my husband to leave this area. I am very sorry about this decision. This decision is the best thing for me, my family, and the school. If there are any other questions I need to answer, please feel free to contact me at (000)-000-0000. Thank you!

Best Regard

Stefany A. Ratt

No need to worry; you can take advantage of the example teacher resignation letter to principal above and modify it according to existing conditions. Feel free to use it for a great career plan!



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