Teachers Resignation Letter to Parents and The Sample

Having the responsibility to refine children’s point of view is truthfully a remarkable and difficult task for a teacher to handle. Not to mention a teacher must conquer all subjects for them to teach the students, they also must relate to their parents and keeping them up to date with their students’ progression at school. However, there will be a time when a teacher is not compatible anymore for teaching or simply that they must relocate to somewhere else. When it comes to that, they have to write a teacher resignation letter to let the parents know.

Job Abandonment Termination and The Sample

What is a Teacher Resignation Letter?

A teacher resignation letter is a letter written by a teacher who will be moving out from their position at their school. Often time, they will either look for another teaching position at another school or being relocated to other schools available. The main purpose of this letter is to express the gratitude that the teacher has gained from the parents’ children over the year of teaching them.

How does a Teacher Say Thank You to Parents?

When it comes to gratitude, make sure to pass out any positive impression and gratefulness for being able to teach their children. Besides, you also need to answer their trust in believing them in your care. Lastly, mention the support of the parents that they give to you so that you can be where you are now.

How do You Write a Teacher Resignation Letter?

There is always a goodbye for anything, even when it hurts. A teacher should keep writing the letter to be professional. Here is a sample of the teacher resignation letter to get started.

Dear Mr. Rain

This writing is to address you that I regretfully will be moving from my current position as a teacher at Bancakembar school due to my heart sickness. Rest assured as I will undergo a heart surgeon to stay treated. Due to that reason, I find myself ineligible for teaching. Thus, Moving away is the best possible outcome.

Ms. Bella will replace me as the teacher, in the meantime. Please be assured that she can be a great replacement for my absence. She is a qualified teacher with 100% competency in her teaching. If you have any other questions, please do not be hesitate to contact me at 09876374.

It truly has been an extraordinary run with your children. I personally admire your children’s enthusiasm in studying together with me. Please remember that I will always put that experience in my happiness forever. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely Yours,

Mrs. Emma


Above is the information regarding the sample of the teacher resignation letter. This sample is helpful for every teacher who wants to look upon how to write a good resignation letter.

This letter holds a special meaning as it not only informs the resignation but also the gratitude that a teacher has felt throughout the year teaching students. That is why it is important to express any positive feeling in this goodbye letter.

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