Technical Writer Resume Sample

Technical writer resume sample job description is to be responsible of preparing instruction manuals, journal articles, and other documents. These writings are then intended to communicate information of complex and technical level easier. The duties of the writer will involve determining the end users’ needs, studying product samples, organizing supports, revising documents, and more.

Luke Alvensgard

8331 Weissnat Land, Los Angeles, CA, Phone: +1 (555) 210 1901


                                                Dallas, TX

                                                12/2014 – Present

  • Develop efficient and effective templates to improve the documents being presented
  • Make necessary edit or make new technical documents as needed for the needs at the time
  • Have the user documentation created for various materials for manuals, guides, or the kind
  • Work together with the product and content experts to produce writings of excellent quality
  • Ensure to have strong relationship built be it with the internal departments or the clients
  • Use user-friendly language to make the writing easier to understand by the readers


San Francisco, CA

08/2010 – 05/2014

  • Make the writing clear, concise, professional, and correct even when it is being updated
  • Extract from existing documentation for any necessary information on specific subjects
  • Perform identification user needs, cases, and metrics so the priorities can be focused upon
  • Lead and guide in the development of policies and procedures for specific business and needs
  • Follow the user format requirements for interpreting data analysis and creating documents
  • Perform reviews on the company policies and procedures periodically to make sure of everything


Dallas, TX

03/2005 – 04/2010

  • Make proper management of both the production and publishing of the documentation
  • Provide mentoring and assistance in the development and training through the growth of the department
  • Check on the discussion forums and questions and make sure to indentify the need of documentation
  • Have the charts, graphs, and forms prepared for the business and technical requirements
  • Make recommendations for the need of updating the company policies and procedures
  • Perform other duties related to the job as requested by clients and assigned by company


                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Technical Writing Art


  • Excellent writing skills to deliver the intended message in the writing to the readers with easy understanding
  • High proficiency in details to notice any mistakes or errors and fix them with the correct ones for the best result
  • Solid knowledge of the art of technical writing to make high quality piece for the benefit of the readers
  • Capability to develop the writing template for every subject and topic in order to make improvement on it
  • Good interpersonal skills to make good communication and build lasting relationship with co-workers and clients
  • Ability to manage the production and publishing of the writing for readers to read or use as guides and manuals to follow
  • Capability to work independently or together with other team members to solve any existing issues that might come up


Technical Writer Resume Sample

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