10+ Tenant Lease Agreement Templates Sample

Tips and Guidelines How to Make Tenant Lease Agreement Templates

Tenant lease agreement is a contract made by tenants where both of them let the others to control & use their asset for a period of time. If you are still unfamiliar with tenant lease agreement templates, you will need to pay attention to the following discussion.

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How to Write a Tenant Lease Agreement Template

In writing a tenant lease agreement, you will have to put some elements. First of all, you should define the parties. Because this agreement is between tenants, here you are required to mention the name of each tenant. Make sure that you write their full names.

After that, this lease agreement should also include the limit of occupancy. You have to describe the limitation of your occupancy so that each party will understand the responsibilities and duties clearly. You can describe it in sentences or a list. Anyway, make it easy to read and understand.

Then, what you need to put is the term of tenancy. Every agreement certainly has terms. Therefore, you cannot forget including the terms of tenancy in the document. By mentioning these terms, both tenants will understand the rules of the agreement and consequences one tenant breaches it.

Next, you are also required to describe the rent itself. In this part, the rent or lease must be described. Whether it is a property lease, a vehicle lease, or anything else, you will have to describe it as detailed and clear as possible including the property rented, duration, cost, etc.

Writing a lease agreement template also requires you to include the fees & security deposit. In fact, the property owner usually asks for security deposit to the tenant. Then, it must be clear about the amount of security deposit & fees as well as when they have to pay for the lease.

The maintenance & repair costs should be included in the agreement, too. In fact, a property, a vehicle, or any other thing that will be leased needs maintenance and repair. So, the cost for that must be stated. Both tenants need to share some money for these purposes.

This agreement also must explain about the entry to the rental property. It relates to the date when the tenants are allowed to enter it and the date when they have to move out from it. The restrictions on the illegal activities of the tenants must also be explained as well.

In addition, it is very important to state whether you allow another party to keep pets or not. One more, it also must be clear whether you have other restrictions which have not been mentioned. Anyway, make sure that you mention the restrictions as completely as possible.

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Tenant lease agreement templates must be understandable and clear. So, make sure that you keep it short and use simple languages & sentences. This agreement will be valid if it is signed by the tenants. If you need some samples, you can find free templates easily on the internet.

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