It’s time to use a termination letter for cause for firm action

Compactness and synergy are essential elements to create excellent and optimal working conditions. Of course, this is expected by the company for the creation of the company’s objectives. Employees will always be required to follow the company’s rules and applicable operational standards, certainly creating the company’s dreamed targets. Employees who do not follow the rules and work at will should be terminated from existing employment contracts. Use termination letter for cause for termination of employment for an employee.

94. Its time to use termination letter for cause for firm action

What is termination with cause?

Of course, the company must maintain employee productivity to achieve various company targets that must be completed in a period. Whether intentional or not, all violations must be acted on decisively and quickly, of course, to maintain the company’s stability. A person who intentionally commits an offense or performs poorly during a specific period will get a warning. Of course, there will be dismissal if it is necessary to do so. Using a termination letter for cause is the right solution for the termination of existing employment.

How do you write a termination letter for a cause?

In writing a termination letter for cause, there are some things that you need to look carefully at, and there are some other things that you can register yourself. Things to note include:

  1. Give a clear, precise, and logical reason
  2. Explain all existing procedures
  3. Explain the termination system

Examples you can use

Here is an example that you can follow, and you can modify as needed.

Dear Mr. Smith

In advance, we apologize for this sudden notice. We want to inform and confirm that the work and responsibilities at the company ABC Inc. are officially terminated and effective immediately through this letter. The termination of employment and termination of your employment contract with this company is decided for logical and real reasons. We have documented all the violations you committed, as well as concrete evidence of your immediate wrongdoing. There are some events that we can’t tolerate again.

On February 1, 2020, you have authorized the company’s $10,000 expense fund for overseas client reviews for several days. This is an intolerable offense and not following applicable company regulations. According to company regulations, a company’s policy of spending more than $5,000 must obtain written approval from the relevant department director, and you do not.

The company’s audit found irregularities in using the company’s credit card, where you knowingly and intentionally used credit card facilities for your personal use. This is entirely out of the company’s expectations and detrimental to the company. Because your position is very potential and dangerous, we decided to end the existing work contract. Call (000)-000-0000 or email me if you have any questions. Thank you!

Best Regards

Anthony Paw

There are some brief explanations on how to make a termination letter for cause very quickly. Use existing examples and change them according to your needs and desires.


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