10+ Sample Thank You Letter Format

Thank You Letter Format Details And Sample

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Many people say thank you using a letter. Thank you letter is a more formal thanks giving. You may need to send this after receive a gift or something else. If you want to make it, we will give guidance about thank you letter format.

How to Write a Thank You Letter Format

You have to know the rules in creating a thank you letter template. First of all, you should open it with salutation. Here, you must address the person politely. There are many ways how to say it. For example, you can write Dearest …, Hi, …, My friend, To my favorite …, etc.

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After that, you can start expressing you gratitude honestly. Usually, thank you letter is short & to the point. Therefore, you can begin it directly with thanking words. Here, you must be specific with what you are grateful for.

For example, you can say Thank you very much for a giant doll you gave last week. If you want a more romantic letter, you can write You are such a dear to come to my opening morning. You may want to say thank to your teacher, so you can write Without you, i will not be a person I am today.

Then, you should let the person you thank to know why you are happy with what he or she did. After you say tanks to him or her, you can explain how you feel happy. Make your thanks giving sincere and honest so that he or she also really feels pleasured.

After you expressed your gratitude, you can write some lines in the thank you letter form to show that you care for him or her. For example, you can ask some questions or share information related to your life. It makes you and him or her feel to have a closer distance.

Thank you letter is not only about saying thanks. Besides giving thanks, you also need to appreciate him or her for one last time. Whether it is for friendship, love or other relationship, appreciation is always needed.

For example, you can say Friend like you are the best person in this town. I hope we have another day to sit down with you and enjoy the day together. You can make your own words depending on the situation, condition and who you want to give thanks.

At the end, you have to close the letter nicely. For your beloved person, you can write Yours, All my love, Hugs & kisses, Much love, or Love followed by your name. For a friend, you can say Many thanks, See you soon, or Cheers. For a colleague, you can say Best wishes, Sincerely, etc.

That is the right thank you letter format. You can either handwrite or type it because both of them are acceptable. It depends on your desire. The more important thing is that you use the right format and impress him or her with your thank you letter.


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