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Thank You Note Sample Wordings

Sometimes, you need to send a thank you note to someone else for certain reason. The wording of a thank you note depends on the reason why you send it. For your reference, here we have a thank you note sample with different situations. So, you have to pay attention to it carefully.



How to Write a Thank You Note

Thank you note template should be made rightly. Usually, this kind of note is sent after certain events such as graduation, wedding, anniversary, and there are still many others. In this article, we will give you examples of wording that you can write in the thank you note.

In a thank you note for an event, you can write “We are pleased that you could join us for yesterday event”. Or you can also say “Happy holiday! Thank you for attending our event a few days ago in my office”. And there are still many other ways how to say it.

In a thank you note for hospitality, you can say “Thank you so much for inviting me to your lovely home. I really appreciate your hospitality”. It is also a good idea to write “All I can say is Thank You. I was really impressed with your hospitality”.

In a thank you note for a gift, the example of wording is “Thank you very much for the lovely gift. A box of chocolate is just what I wanted to put a honest smile on the own face”. This can also be a good wording to say thank you: “Big thanks for such special gift. It is my favorite book”.

In a thank you note for kindness or help, we also have ideas like saying “I’m thankful for your help with my homework. You are just my best friend ever”. Here is an alternative wording you can use “You helped me once again. I could not ask for a better friend thank you”.

In a thank you letter template for job search, you can say like this: “Our discussion yesterday brought my interest to be a part of your staff. I’m excited by the prospect to develop my departmental newsletter. Just feel free to call me if you need more information about me”.

After you understand what you should write in a thank you note, you have to understand about the etiquette in writing it. First, you have to keep in mind that timing is the key. Make sure that you send a thank you note as soon as possible no more than a week.

Besides that, handwriting is always better. Even though typing a thank you not is allowed and acceptable, handwriting it is always better because it shows what you want to say from your heart. Then, you have to use the appropriate wording like the examples above.

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Besides learning from the thank you note sample above, you also have to be creative. For example, you can add a quote or photo. If needed, it is also a good idea to put a flower or any other accessory that can make it more impressing.

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