Sample Thank You Note after Interview

How to Write a Thank You Note after Interview

If you think that sending a thank you note after interview is old-fashioned, that is not true at all. It is just the way to say thank and appreciate because you have been given a chance to follow an interview. If you want to make this kind of note, we have a complete guide to follow.

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What to Include in the Thank You Note after Interview

Thank you note after an interview can be sent view email or you can also hand-write it. For the length, you have to keep it simple but to the point. Then, there are some elements that you have to include in this kind of thank you note. So, make sure that you provide the following elements.

First of all, you have to start this thank you note with an intro. In this very first section, you have to avoid generic terms or overly formal words. Here, you can use “Dear” and the followed with the first name of the person. It works fine and simple to write.

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After the intro, you can start directly saying thanks. Here, you should show the interviewer that you considerate & appreciate them. That is why you want to thank them for the time to know you & educate you about the roles.

In writing this kind of thank you note, you must be specific. It means that you have to mention particular thing you really enjoyed learning about in the interview. For example is about their latest products or something else.

Next, writing a thank you letter after an interview requires you to compliment the interviewer. For your information, a little flattery will never hurt since it is not excessive. So, you can bring up something about them that you are really impressed by, like the positive attitude of the team.

Then, what you need to do next is to highlight the eagerness. In this step, you have to let the interviewer to know that you are really excited about the chance. Besides that, you also need to show how you will add the value to the company or the team.

Finally, you have to close the thank you note. To end it, you will need a farewell line. There are many ways how to close it. For example, you can simply say “Best”, “Sincerely”, “Cheers”, etc. Then, it should be followed with your full name. Make sure that you close it with a professional manner.

After knowing how to write it, now you must know when to write it. Because it shows your thoughtfulness, humbleness, and graciousness, it is better if you write this thank you note no more than 24 hours after the interview.

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In writing a thank you note after interview, professionalism is the main point of the game. Therefore, you have to avoid emojis, excessive exclamation points, typos, and slangs. However, you do not need to sound too formal. You just need to opt for concise language, clear and not the longest words.

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