Sample Thank You Notes for Donation

A Guideline of Writing Thank You Notes for Donation

If you have an organization and there is someone who donated to your organization, you will need to send him or her thank you note. If you have never created it before, it is important for you to pay attention to the following guides how to write thank you notes for donation.

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Tips in Making a Thank You Note for Donation

It does not matter how much the donation it was, sending a thank you letter for donation is needed. There are some tips that you have to pay attention and consider. First of all, you have to remind the donors. You have to be able to make them like a hero. It is a good way how to appreciate them.

Besides that, you have to know the right time when to send it. Just like you say thank you, you also have to send a thank you letter as soon as possible after the donation. Maybe, the ideal time to send it is in one or two days after receiving the donation.

In writing this note, you have to focus on saying thanks. You do not need to say further about anything else but only thank you. Even more, you have to avoid asking for another donation. You just need to appreciate their donation. If they are impressed, they will surely make a donation again later.

Then, thank you card for donation should also be made personal. So, you have to show a genuine emotion. You do not need to be afraid of using common tone if it is appropriate. Anyway, the most important thing is that this thank you not must be sincere.

Next, you also need to give a special recognition to the recurring donors. If you find that they have ever made a donation before, it is very important to mention it. Remembering them for their donation can make them more impressed.

You should also keep the thank you note simple and short. Therefore, you should not use long sentences. A thank you note usually only contains 3 to 5 short sentences. Even though it is short, make sure that it is meaningful and they can get the point.

Hand-writing a thank you note becomes a good choice. It shows that you are sincere to write it. However, it is also allowed that you type the thank you note. At least, your signature must be handwritten.

What to Write in a Thank You Note for Donation

There are 6 basic elements that you have to include in this thank you note. You can start with the name of your organization. After that, you cannot forget mentioning the amount of money or goods donated. Then, you have to say thank you clearly.

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Besides saying thanks, you also need to mention that the donation will be very useful and appropriate for the needs whether it is money or goods or services. Now, there are also thank you notes for donation sent via email, too.

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