Therapist Respiratory Resume Sample

Therapist respiratory resume sample will help the patient with pulmonary function disorder. In other words, you have to have related education and experience to apply for this job. The professional duties for the job are helping the patients complete treatment plans, inhalants, operating ventilator, etc. Furthermore, the respiratory therapist will do the best assist for the patient about their pulmonary because they will put together to create the enjoyment for patients in breathing. The role of this job is also updating the database, doing paper work, and also assessing the patient progress. Besides, your resume will be excellent especially if you can highlight your skills including empathy, a caring attitude, able to make sound decision and also team work. If you are confused how to write it, the following sample will be your best choice to lead you in writing the proper resume.

Therapist Respiratory Resume Sample

Jayne Albert

934 Avis Village, Boston, MA Phone: (858) 903 5574


Experience                                                         Respiratory Therapist- St Andrew’s Hospital, San Francisco

06/ 2017 – present

  • Does bronchopulmonary drainage and clear patients’ airways of any physical obstacle
  • Oversee the critical care units’ patient that are on the ventilator
  • Assess and review the data patient’s records and gather any additional relevant clinical information through physical appearance
  • Performs and analysis peak flows or Spirometry before and after bronchodilator based on policy and orders
  • Supervise the Tracheostomy Decannulation
  • Ensure and record the patients’ vital sign, arterial blood gases, blood chemistry charges and consult attending the physician when adverse reaction happen
  • Sensible in initiating Ventilator discontinuation and also follow all policies on certification ET tube Care and other ventilator
  • Verify critical care unit’s patient who are on breathing equipment
  • Help the manager with staff payroll and enter the schedule

Respiratory Therapist/ Pulm Func Tech, Houston 

09/ 2012 – 01/ 2017

  • Help in advancing the protocols for bringing out health care provider orders
  • Provide efficient tutoring for the patients or the students
  • Classify and assist with chances for act improvement activities on the unit and with other service areas
  • Participated in the act improvement project as assigned
  • Performed process in the range of practice as defined by the departmental policy and process manual and improvement level attained
  • Facilitate in achievement of eminence evaluation and improvement activity such as planning for the course of action to resolve problem that are identified
  • Performed necessary related activities in order to maintain the clinic operation
  • Identified the reasons and determined possible handling based on the result
  • Guided the patients in the correct use of inhalers and other respiratory equipments

Education                                                            Columbia University 

Associate’s Degree in Respiratory Therapy


  • Comprehensive knowledge of all clinical aspects of respiratory care
  • enormous attention to the detail
  • competent to set up and preserve CPAP and BiPAP device and having knowledge to proper usage
  • Widespread knowledge of respiratory care department policies and procedures
  • Tremendous in communication skills both written and verbal
  • Registered and Licensed Respiratory Therapist
  • Good work ethics with great attention to the detail
  • Member of AARC (American Association for Respiratory)
  • NRP certified (Neonatal Resuscitation Program)
  • PALS Certified (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)

Therapist Respiratory Resume Sample

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