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Time card is very important and often used in business or office. It functions to track volunteer time, internships, and community service. You can also call it as timesheet. Considering the importance of this card, you have to be able to make a time card template.

Tips to Make a Time Card Template

In creating a timesheet template, you have to follow some important and useful tips. First of all, you have to keep your time card simple. With simple design and template, this card will be easy to use. Make sure that you use language that is easy to understand.

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Time card should be filled out by employees. Make sure that the employees can fill the time card no more than 5 to 10 minutes every day. If filling a time card consumes more than 10 minutes, it means the time card is too complex and you should make the simpler one.

Besides that, you need to train your employees or workers. Different offices may have different systems but you have to make sure that your employees can submit it rightly. If they submit an error-filled time card to payroll, it will be very confusing to recover the data loss.

As we know, some employees may work on multi projects. Therefore, it is very important for all of them to log the time rightly. That is why you have to train them how to fill and submit a time card correctly. We are sure that they will understand it well if you make a simple time card.

Time card form should be submitted regularly. Usually, an office requires the employees to submit it every week. For example, you ask the employees to submit it on Friday. So, you must have a specific team or inbox to collect the time card. Make sure that that person is easy to find.

We all know that some people may be forgetful. It also often happens related to submitting a time card. To make them remember, you may need to send out a reminder. You can send a weekly reminder or alert to your employees before the due.

In addition, you have to ensure government compliance. Related to the state’s law, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets guideline about minimum salary, recordkeeping, overtime, etc. You may need to consult the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Your office’s project coding system must be easy to remember so that the employees can use it easily. In making a time card, you need to use cods for tasks performed and project codes. Even though different projects have different codes, make sure that the codes are easy to remember.

That is all the important and useful tips in creating a time card template. For the format, it depends on your desire. There are so many free time card templates available on internet that can be used as a reference. So, keep searching to look for references before you make a time card for your workers.



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