Transportation Logistics Resume Sample

Transportation Logistics job description has responsibility to manage all of the transportation management including deciding the execution date, location, and quantity of the logistics. The person needs to have skills to manage, direct, and coordinate the process of the projects, capable to manage the purchasing deal, supplier management, inventory materials, warehouse, customer service, and transportation. Transportation logistics resume sample shows the capability and the skills of the person to do the tasks in excellent way. The person needs to be skillful and able to work in multiple tasks.

Gerald Hawton

2550 Air River Street, New Orleans, LA, 70071, Phone: +1 (337) 988-4233



                                                New Orleans, LA

                                                04/2017 – present

  • Can manage the onsite business and build relationship with vendors and partners
  • Manage the personnel operations and management team with vendors and partners, as well as handle the distribution facility
  • Do documentation and record the daily reporting that covers Cross reference information, Open Order Status, and Order Queue
  • Can monitor the performance of the group and department that related to the projects
  • Regularly oversee the operation and check the efficiency.
  • Handling the daily flow and check out the performance of the outbound shipping, inbound receiving, and inventory control
  • Know how to take care of customers service and provide customer returns plan
  • Control the quality of the projects, team, and management



Saint Martinsville, LA

09/2013 – 03/2017

  • Ensure the tools and the resources are available perfectly
  • Check the shipments priority and do regular checking
  • Update the information of the tasks including the date, place, quantity of the logistics, the accommodation and others
  • Take responsible to work with planning team including launching new product schedules
  • Ensure the communication of the business company with vendors and partners are linked clearly and each of the side gets the latest information of the condition
  • Do monitoring and reporting of the projects
  • Analyze the operation and productivity based on KPI
  • Involve and participate in the forecast activity and the budgeting
  • Can assist the warehouse management, including sourcing and routing for domestic and international road



Houston, TX

08/2008 – 08/2013

  • Create planning and research of the transportation quotation, and capable to provide the recommendation and suggestion for it
  • Can determine the effective cost of the shipment projects that is included as non-routed cargo
  • Provide commercial invoice and related documentation information that related to the export shipments
  • Involve the strategic accounts team and Mass merchants for customers
  • Capable to follow up the insurance for the tracked projects
  • Do constant evaluation and monitor the projects regularly with overall view
  • Manage the bag assembly, submit the final audits of it, and handle the returns and transport processing



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Transportation and Logistic



  • Have skills to handle various complex tasks with big clear and complete pictures
  • Have great strength to do multiple tasks for projects
  • Capable to adapt well in new environment
  • Can work under pressure and can lift up teamwork process
  • Have great problem solving skills and capable to face problems that happen in the team
  • Work with honesty, dedication, and passion
  • Gradually shows improvement in the working place
  • Have proficient ability in certain language such as Spanish and French
  • Have interpersonal skills
  • Able to think forward and have excellent analytical skills
  • Have strong numerical skills
  • Know deeply about the industry
  • Able to build good teamwork and work in a team


Transportation Logistics Resume Sample

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