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For the smooth running of the traveling agenda, travel itineraries are needed in planning the trip. However, it’s not easy to design a travel itinerary that can satisfy both your heart and the budget you have. So, don’t just design your travel itinerary carelessly.

travel itinerary in photoshop

Tips for designing a travel itinerary

Basically, the itinerary contains a list of activities that you will do during the trip and an estimated budget for carrying out these agendas. So, a travel itinerary generally contains details about a list of destinations, a schedule per day, accommodation, transportation, and other necessities such as a list and shopping budget for souvenirs.

What must be prepared in a travel itinerary

1. Determine the destination

Determine the purpose for which you will visit that destination. A travel itinerary will only list the destinations that will be carried out in that one trip, it can be only 1 region, several cities, even across countries. After that, determine the length of the trip.

travel itinerary in psd design

2. Find interesting information about the destination

After determining which areas to visit and how long the trip will take, look for information on any interesting destinations. Sort the destinations by conditions and schedules in the field. Match the opening and closing hours. Make sure to make a list of destination visits so that it is clear in compiling a schedule of activities and public transport mobility.

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3. Determine the transportation to and from the destination

Make sure you already know what you will take to reach that destination, for example by plane, train, cruise ship, etc. This is to ensure tickets are available on the desired date. Travel rights also usually provide discounts if you book tickets in advance. Conversely, tickets will be more expensive if purchased the closer to the day of departure.

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4. Specify the accommodation needed for the trip

Don’t forget to make a list of where to sample local culinary delights, as well as decide on a place for lunch and dinner. The hotel, inn, hostel or guest house where you stay usually provides breakfast. However, adjust to the budget whether it’s better to have breakfast at the place you are staying or outside.

travel itinerary psd templates

5. Keep the travel itinerary in hard copy and soft copy

Cell phones have indeed become important electronic devices that you can carry everywhere. You can access anything, including a soft copy of your travel itinerary on that device. However, you still need to bring a hard copy of the travel itinerary because not every occasion you can access your device. Not all places have internet access and your cell phone battery can run out in the middle of a trip. The hard copy will be very useful when you are traveling abroad.

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We provide travel itinerary templates that you can download and modify for free on this site. Here are examples of templates that we have provided:

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  • Free Travel Plan Template
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  • Free 5-day Itinerary Template
  • Free Personal Travel Itinerary Template
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  • Free Tourist Itinerary Template
  • and many more!

travel itinerary psd templates

travel itinerary customizable psd design templates

Travel Itinerary Design Ideas

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travel itinerary in photoshop

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