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Tri-fold Brochure Templates


A brochure is an advertising vehicle in the form of an informative paper document. Brochures can be folded into pamphlets or leaflets. This document, that is categorized as promotional document, is usually used to introduce an organization, a company, a service, or a product, and inform potential consumers and public about its benefits. The way to distribute brochures is by handing them out in person, placing them in newspapers, or placing them on supermarket shelves where customers frequent.

tri fold brochure in psd design

The purpose of making the brochure is as follows:

  1. Adding reader’s insight into a specific topic
  2. Capture the reader’s attention with a beautiful visual design
  3. Promote products, agencies, or services in a more intuitive way
  4. Build trust between the company and potential clients
  5. Advertise a good or service at a lower cost than advertising on television or newspapers
  6. Build closeness between products and potential clients because brochures are tangible, tactile and delicate; a luxury that is rarely found in the era of digital advertising.

Tri-fold brochure is one type of brochure. According to the format and layout, brochures can be classified into gate fold brochure, bi-fold brochure, tri-fold brochure, and z-fold brochure.

Especially for tri-fold brochures, you can find brochures in this style quite easily anywhere. This type of brochure has the advantage of having enough space for designers to present information.

tri fold brochure psd templates

The tri-fold brochure layout template has three equal parts that are created by folding the sides of the brochure to the center. Most tri-fold brochures can be read from left to right. Although the size of the tri-fold brochure is freely available, it is usually determined by the landscape position of the brochure template.

The sections of the tri-fold brochure are the front flap, front cover, interior brochure, outside flap, and outside back panel. The first part of a tri-fold brochure usually contains an image, company name, and a strong message that attracts the reader’s attention to continue reading the brochure for further information.

tri fold brochure psd

Then, the reader opens the brochure to read information, advantages, or questions & answers on why the product, service, or event being informed is important to readers.

The interior of a brochure generally contains more information. This section is usually the section with the most text. To make it easy to read, you can sort it out by using headers and sub headers.

tri fold brochure templates psd

The fifth section of a tri-fold brochure often contains a tear-away order form, discount coupons, mini-calendars, event tickets, or testimonials. It is also possible that this section is left blank to write notes.

The back cover of a tri-fold brochure is usually reserved for contact information, mailing addresses, or maps.

tri fold brochure templates for photoshop

Need a brochure to introduce your company, advertise a product, or offer a service? Download the free tri-fold brochure templates here, including:

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tri fold brochure psd templates

Tri-fold Brochure Design Ideas

tri fold brochure customizable psd design templates tri fold brochure example psd design

Tri-fold Brochure Ideas

tri fold brochure in photoshop tri fold brochure in photoshop

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