5+ Truck Lease Agreement Sample Template

How to Write a Truck Lease Agreement Properly

Truck lease agreement is an agreement made by 2 parties about the use of vehicle or equipment especially a truck. It involves a user or lessee and the equipment owner. Here, the lessee pays the equipment owner for the use of a truck. Now, let’s see the following further discussion.

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How to Make a Truck Lease Agreement

A truck lease agreement template should contain some details or parts. To write this agreement, firstly you will have to mention the names of all tenants. Sometimes, there is more than one tenant so that you should mention all of their full names.

Besides the tenants’ names, you also have to state the limitations on the use of the truck. For example, the truck is only allowed for a local area. The truck may also only be allowed for the agreed project or business. Anyway, you must state the limitations completely.

Then, what you have to state in the document is the length of the lease contract or agreement. As we know, an agreement always has the effective dates. So, you have to mention when the agreement will start and when it will last. Or it must be clear when the tenant can use the truck & when to return it.

The next inclusion of this agreement is the price or cost for the lease. It must be clear the amount of money the tenant has to pay for the lease. Besides that, do not forget to state the allowed or acceptable methods of payment such as cash, PayPal, credit / debit card, etc.

Whether there is any deposit or not, this truck lease agreement form must also state it. It does not only relate to deposit but also any other fee. For example is the amount of money to be paid every month, discount, tax, etc.

The cost of any maintenance or repair needed must also be included in this lease agreement. In fact, a truck needs to be repaired or maintained regularly. It must be clear whether the maintenance or repair cost belongs to the responsibility of the owner or the tenant.

In case of lease or rent, of course there will be some restrictions related to activities that a tenant or lessee can do with the truck leased. For example, it must be stated clearly whether the leased truck is allowed to carry rocks, sands, or anything else.

You have to check again whether there are still other needed restrictions or not. If there are still some other restrictions needed, make sure that you include them in the agreement. You may also need to review again and make sure that there is no part missed to provide in this agreement.

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This truck lease agreement has to be signed by both parties. There are some obligations that both parties must follow. So, you will also need to explain the consequences if one party breaks the agreement earlier or because of any factor. Hopefully this can be a useful reference.

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