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What is a flyer?

Flyers and brochures are the two most popular types of printed writing alongside business cards and stationery. There are many people who still can’t tell the difference between flyers and brochures. Both can be distinguished in terms of physicality and purpose.

Tutoring Flyers in psd design

Brochures usually consist of folded sheets of paper whereas flyers are just a sheet of paper without any creases. Flyer sizes are usually 8.5 x 11 inches while brochure sizes can vary. Then, the quality of brochure paper is heavier than flyers.

Tutoring Flyers psd

The purpose of distributing flyers to people is to promote a one-time event such as the grand opening, special promotions, or discounts. Meanwhile, brochures are a type of printed writing containing long-term information.

What are the types of flyers?

Flyers apparently has other terms, namely handbill, poster and pamphlet. The three of them have different forms and purposes which will be explained below:

1. Handbill

Handbill is a type of flyer that is similar to a leaflet. The difference is, the text printed in it is very little. Handbills are printed on plain paper and are usually distributed along with newspapers. The main purpose of handbill distribution to the general public is for awareness. This type of flyer is usually used when there are upcoming sales, new movie releases, new event openings, or as discount coupons.

2. Poster

A poster is a type of leaflet that is attached to a wall or any vertical surface. It contains information, infographics, images, etc. Posters must have images that can attract the attention of passers-by around them and can display information that can be digested at first glance. Usually, posters are used as advertisements or promotions for films, concerts, events, etc.

Tutoring Flyers psd templates

3. Pamphlet

Also known as leaflets, pamphlets are a type of printed writing targeted at mass distribution. The quality of paper for printing leaflets is usually mediocre in order to reduce manufacturing costs. This is the best and cheapest type of flyer to increase brand awareness.

Tutoring Flyer Template Free

Our robust collection of Free Tutoring Flyer Templates will help you make your own unique Tutoring Flyers you can use to promote your Tutoring Service. Here are some of our Tutoring Flyer Templates you can download, modify, print, upload, or sent to prospective clients:

Tutoring Flyers templates psd

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  • And many more!

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Tutoring Flyer Templates Design Ideas

Tutoring Flyers psd templates Tutoring Flyers customizable psd design templates

Tutoring Flyer Templates Ideas

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