TV Production Assistant Resume Sample

TV production assistant resume sample job description is to provide support of both administrative and organizational kinds to the senior production staff. This support is provided prior to, during, and even after the production of certain program. Other responsibilities to follow are clearing copyrights, booking studios, liaising with people, organizing meeting of all kinds, overseeing during the recording, and more. Assistance will also assist in taking care of company’s budgeting for variety of the needs for such thing.

TV Production Assistant Resume Sample

Ellena Gonrie

87609 Carroll Trail, Los Angeles, CA, Phone: +1 (555) 746 9900


                                                San Francisco, CA

                                                01/2015 – present

  • Work independently and meet the goals of every job given every day
  • Keep positive attitude to take care of all of the jobs put on
  • Work in the environment of fast paced, high energy, and ever changing kind
  • Take care of heavy works of administration, like phones and scheduling
  • Do the expense for variety of things, including reports, invoice tracking, and processing
  • Give support to two presidents in organizational and administrative kinds
  • Manage both the calendar and the contact
  • Maintain good discretion and integrity


Boston, MA

10/2011 – 11/2014

  • Make printing of the scripts and have the studio prompter operated
  • Do the assigned video projects asked by the company individually
  • Work extra hours even during weekends, holidays, and on different shifts
  • Start the work since early in the morning and get the job done properly
  • Take care of the guest transportation scheduling to help Booking Procedures
  • Making call to the guests and arrange logistics as needed for the meeting
  • Do the timing in the gallery for live and recorder programs as well as the segments


                                                Broadcast Journalism Bachelor’s Degree


  • Capability to work independently for the purpose of achieving the goals set every day to meet within the working hour in the workplace
  • Positive attitude to do daily workload, deal with any problems, and find solutions for those problems to help the people in need
  • Strong communication skills in both written and verbal manner with professional and friendly tone in any occasion within the working hours
  • Perceptiveness in the details and accuracy to take careful actions for everything single thing
  • Excellent skills in operating computer, like in Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook, and more
  • Ability to do multitasking as well as working well together as a team with work partners
  • Responsibility and ownership over the tasks given to take care of, in variety of situations and conditions needed for those tasks to be dealt with
  • Careful approach to make in proactive and thorough manner to avoid unnecessary things
  • Great skills in the management of time and organization to give assistance to the superior
  • Good knowledge of entertainment industry in general for better awareness
  • Strong discretion and integrity to uphold well, especially during the working hours


TV Production Assistant Resume Sample

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