UI UX Designer Resume Sample

UI UX Designer Resume Sample job description is a job that obtains a great and excellent ability and skill to design, create, and manage an application’s lay out and performance design. This job required skill that could create easy and comfortable interfaces for various devices software.

Community Volunteer Resume Sample

Dianne Rosaline Parker

1102 Elk Grove Village, Oak Brook, IL, 62462, Phone: +1 (217) 1501-9301



                                                Minneapolis, MN

                                                04/2017 – present

  • Work with various business stakeholder with creative products to create Ui UX designer resume sample
  • Team up and lead the team to run the projects manager and give a mentorship
  • Doing concept, finalizing the products and improving the performance
  • Create dynamic and creative designs under UX idea with new innovation
  • Create transformative products
  • Build up products for projects that related to UI/UX leads.
  • Experience to work with Art Director, Product Managers, and Lead Designer
  • Create and feature the UI features that has visual identity for software including games
  • Have 6 years experienced to hands-on and interacts with projects that required visual identity with UI/UX team
  • Develop and launch web and software with estimated efforts
  • Experience to hand-on technology systems, give the advantage suggestion and orders with clear instructions
  • Experience to create human centered for digital space that is needed in the company


St. Cloud, MN

11/2013 – 12/2016

  • Become a consultant for certain important projects that required high experience skill
  • Work with designs, marketing research, program management, and developments products
  • Can do analysis for compatible products
  • Successfully collaborate with various developers
  • Maintain to create
  • Lead the team and manage the staff to work the projects in a right time
  • Giving objective actions and help to direct the projects to get the best performance
  • Be responsible for checking the members’ team performance through monitoring, controlling and managing the performance.
  • Leading the running of the projects
  • Work with block-chain asset trading technology projects
  • Able to work maximum for financial service
  • Give and deliver the digital products for users
  • Create innovative products for future projects




Portsmouth, VA

09/2008 – 06/2013

  • Have experience of great enterprise scale
  • Have experienced to create a systematic and easy user strategy design and system.
  • Able to design and develop a software based on what the company’s need
  • Able to work with other departments to develop and maintain the quality of the running projects
  • Have an award winning UX in the agency that acknowledged great skills.
  • Become leader and help the team to have good communication and process the project to the manager
  • Showing great performance doing tam projects
  • Able to work through high precision, timelines, and required high quality result
  • Set a work based on priorities and work as team with support
  • Manage the projects and handle it with supportive team
  • Build a great relationship with business partners
  • Do mentoring for projects managers
  • Adjusting the work to give best for each project




                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Technology Programs



  • Able to build a maintainable and reusable components for front-end
  • Can solve complex problems related to technology system
  • Able to run web designs along with UI and UX toolkits
  • Can do multi-task
  • Mastering English, Spanish, German, can understand the languages professionally through writing and speaking
  • Having great communcation skill and composing data
  • Having excellent skill for using Microsoft Office, Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop
  • Able to build and develop a software
  • Able to design software with expereince user
  • Creates a demonstrative and transformatif service
  • Expert to create a products that can engage to people
  • Expert in digital space experience
  • Able to deliver innovations in products
  • Having professional, experience ability with positive attitude


UI UX Designer Resume Sample

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