Unsolicited Application and The Sample

An infinite possibility lies ahead of you every time you are looking for your dream job. Interestingly, you might find it hidden under your nose. Whatever the job may be, you have to give your finest in securing the job and improve your growth throughout working for the company you adore with an open mind. Often time, there will a possibility that you can just send your application that is not posted yet by the company. That way of application is called an unsolicited application.

54.Unsolicited Application

What is an Unsolicited Application?

An unsolicited application is an application send to the recruiters of the company asking for a possibility in a position on a job that is yet to be posted or announced. It is not too rare to see this happening in the business world, and people sometimes do this to test their luck rather than waiting for a job opening that actually takes a longer time. Truthfully spoken, this kind of application is not any better if you do not emphasize the significance and importance of your writing.

Is It Okay to Send Unsolicited Application?

The answer is just no. the essence of a job vacancy is that people look for a job and not the other way around. There is a big possibility that the employer might turn a blind eye to your unsolicited application as the company does not need a new employee at the time. In the end, it might be wasting your time a lot.

How Do I Write a Promising Unsolicited Application?

If you think you can brand your competency stand out in the eyes of the employer, you might as well formulate a compelling structure of the unsolicited application to grasp the job you desire by looking at helpful tips below.

  • State the main purpose of your intention
  • Emphasize your skills and competency
  • Provide accomplishments

The Sample of Unsolicited Application

You know that there is a saying “two heads are better than one”. It is always better to look at what the others may have to support your necessity. In this case, have a look at the sample for the application below.

Dear Head of Human Resource Department,

As I am writing this application, I fully express my interest in taking a position at Studiocanva for any job opening available. I have heard about your company a lot from my friends, Mr. John, the recruitment intern of your company. From him, I know that this company is specialized in digital marketing and linguistic support. I am keen to be part of any company that desires to make use of my skills in linguistic, and public speaking skills to be a compelling contribution to the company.

I had the experience of handling people’s inquiries through the position of English-Indonesia interpreter for 2 years and an SEO content writer for more than 3 years. Through those adventures, I have magnificently improved my writing skills for promoting products and interpersonal skills involving a lot of people. Moreover, I was also awarded “the best employee of the year” which put me in a fine position at my former company.

I would truly appreciate it if we can arrange a meeting between us to discuss further the possible job opening at your company. You can reach out to me at 10394857 and meet me at any mutually agreed time.

Thank you for your time

Best Regards,


Mr. Rex

Those are the necessary helpful information to start writing your application for your dream job.

An Unsolicited application may somewhat be useful depends on how you convince the company with your exceptional skills.

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