10+ How to Make Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template to Inspect the Best Vehicle of All

Are you going to buy new vehicle? Sure, you are free to make your choice. However, be sure to get the best one of all. The best vehicle does not necessarily mean that it has to be the most expensive one though. Make good use of vehicle inspection checklist template if you do want the right choice.

Remember! Buying vehicle is not all about its appearance. You have to consider various details about it as well. To do that, inspection needs to be done. To make things easy for you though, you can make the checklist. Let us tell you how here.

Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template Step 1

Writing the inspection checklist is not as difficult as you might think. However, you should know the proper way to do so. There are many templates with their own design to offer. Still, the key points remain the same and they all begin with vehicle description. There are few things it usually includes.

There should be vehicle registration, date of inspection, vehicle plate number, and driver’s name. All of them will be the header of the checklist template design format. After all, you can’t ignore vehicle description before starting inspection on one.

Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template Step 2

The table comes next then. The table will be filled with lots of details. They can be the oil level, brake fluid level, water level, windscreen washer level, adjust seat and controls, seat belts, parking brake, foot brake, passenger brake for driving lessons, clutch and gearshift, mirrors clean and adjusted, etc.

There are many others, of course. You can include what you think is needed to be inspected. Add Yes and No section, so you can checklist which one is there and which one is not. It is checklist template after all. We do have to check on things here.

Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template Step 3

If you are doing the inspection for someone formally, you might need to add the name of the person who accepts the vehicle inspection checklist report. For that, the name has to be placed at the bottom of the checklist template. Type it right below the table to end this very checklist form then.

You can go with “report accepted by …” and don’t forget the signature as well. The name does not necessarily have to be one. So, add the name place and signature as much as you need. People’s needs do differ from one to another after all.

Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template Step 4

It is optional, but you can always add the picture of the vehicle if you want. If the space allows, spare table you can fit the picture in. The vehicle can be captured from above and two sides. That should give good look of the vehicle from more than the front only. It should make the inspection complete.

For formal report, vehicle inspection checklist template like this is excellent one. That way, you can be sure to eventually end up with the best vehicle to buy. After all, the inspection can tell you whether or not it is good to make your choice.


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