5+ Printable Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Template

It is very important to care for your vehicle so that you need to maintain your vehicle properly. Not only that, the maintenance should also be done in the right time to make sure that your vehicle will always be in a good condition. In this case, you will need a vehicle maintenance schedule template.

Template Blank Maintenance Schedule Word Doc Sample


How to Write a Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Template

Different vehicles need different plans of maintenance. So, your vehicle maintenance planner template should depend on the type of vehicle you have. In this article, we will share the guidelines how to write the proper template. So, you can use it as a reference in making such schedule.

Template Vehicle Maintenance Plan Schedule Format Sample

First of all, you have to make a title at the top of the page. For example, you can simply write Vehicle Maintenance Schedule. Then, provide the needed information related to the maintenance. You may need to divide it into some parts to make the schedule template easier to read and understand.

You can begin with Maintenance for Every 3000 Miles / 90 Days. Here, you should list the tasks to be performed. In fact, maintenance requires many things to perform. Besides that, you also have to plan and schedule the date of each task to be performed for the vehicle maintenance.

For example, you will need to change the oil & filter, check the fluids, and check the pressure of tire on September 1st. Then, on September 15th, you plan to check all hoses & belts. At the end of September, it is time to lubricate chassis. By scheduling it all, your vehicle will stay good.

The next part can be Maintenance for Every 10,000 Miles. It can also be said as Annual Maintenance. It relates to Tune-up and Diagnostic Check. Annual maintenance will need more tasks to be performed. Here, you also have to list the tasks and schedule the dates.

The tasks to be performed for annual maintenance may include changing oil & filter, replacing filters, lubricating chassis, checking brakes & wheel bearings, checking & adjust valves, checking belts, checking temperature of engine, replacing emission items, inspecting cooling system, etc.

Like the first part, you will also need to schedule when each task of maintenance should be performed. Here, you have to make a vehicle maintenance care schedule template based on the vehicle guide book. You may also need to consult to the one who understand about vehicle care.

You can also make the schedule to control the maintenance of all vehicles you have. In this case, you should list down your vehicles first. You can divide it into some categories based on the type of vehicle you have. However, you can also make them all in the same list.

Then, provide the planned dates of maintenance for each vehicle. You can divide it into daily maintenance, weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance, or even yearly maintenance. Anyway, it is very important to make a vehicle maintenance schedule template to keep your vehicles maintained.


Template Vehicle Maintenance Program Schedule Sample

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