Video Editor Resume Sample

Video editor resume sample will involve in the post-production stage. Besides, it is also responsible for assembling the raw material and offers the final product. The typical resume for this job will have duties including interpreting and also discussing briefs. Furthermore, the job of vide editor will require the keen eye where it need a great attention into detail to make sure that all parts of the film will fit together and convey the message successfully. Besides, the sum of the parts also must support in the objective winning job.

Based on the most successful examples resume, the video editor should demonstrate the computer expertise, experience in editing tools, creativity, able to understand the director’s artistic vision, and many more. Besides, the degree in film production is also benefits.

Video Editor Resume Sample

Michael Wilson

484 Brenna Harbor, Houston TX Phone: +1 (555) 734 1869


Experience                                         Senior Video Editor, Boston

                                                                09/ 2016 – present

  • Managing 15% equipment, archiving video, video exporting, and also distribution to look new technology for the future
  • Consumption, converting, and also syncing the footage on the mission basis
  • Facilitate in maintaining the best practices for the defining content such as type, style, publication, use and enhancement
  • Maintain the standard of producing content for web such as tone, voice, style, discussion, and also interactivity
  • Color adjusting and audio mixing
  • Reduce the budget with on-time carriages, enhancing the production of pipelines, and the team communication
  • Succeed the video effectively from the storyboards and also script to post the production and final transfer formats
  • Mentored the cinematic group to facilitate the grow of their skills sets and increase the quality

Video editor, Starstruck Film Inc., Sacramento

08/ 2012 – 02/ 2016

  • Implemented the video dubbing and film copying
  • Collaborated with the team including assessed the prerequisite and discuss outline and film messaging into the group members and clients
  • Showed editing work on film in accord with the screenplay notation as discussed and also proved by head writer and director
  • Arranged the sample clips for seeing with the producers for the purpose of securing valuable reaction
  • Guaranteed maintenance of video library and also film directory
  • Handled multiple project simultaneously, constantly meeting client deadlines complete all steps
  • Offered the proposal layouts and also designs for all commercial production both local and nationally focused

Junior Video Editor, Detroit

07/2009 – 12/ 2011

  • Succeeded sound libraries, asset administration, and archiving of completed projects
  • Controlled with CBS Local content director and project managers to create or produce content to relate, tosports, lifestyle, music, and news
  • Primary focus will be post-product or video editing and managing for all of the manufacture assets within CBSLocal
  • Setting up the video detention station to work with various gaming platform

Education                                            California State University

Bachelor degree in Cinematography


  • Workout excellent professional judgment based on the current broadcast industry video and audio quality and editing standard
  • Organized, knowledgeable, reliable, and detail leaning
  • Brilliant attention to detail and skillful to adopt the response and incorporate into the future projects
  • Quick to learn, able to learn 2K exclusive software and best practices quickly
  • Strong communication on written, oral, and visual. Able to speak clearly and concisely into the team member and talent


Video Editor Resume Sample

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