Videographer Resume Sample

Videographer job description covered the shoot of images or videos, do editing the footage of the videos, handle the instruments that related to the subjects of the video such as the interviewing, editing the film, operate the camera, and do the technical works that connected to the video production and post-production.

Videographer Resume Sample

Annastasia Frederica

1990 Beyleylie Road, Cedar Falls, IA, 50613, Phone: +1 (580) 116-6883



                                                Cedar Falls, IA

                                                10/2017 – present

  • Can perform a great performance with high skills and talents that is seen in the videographer resume sample
  • Can work with various people in different field
  • Successfully build relationship with a lot of companies and clients
  • Can collaborate the work with significant teams
  • Capable to create and work various digital venues that use software and hardware to finish the video
  • Works with details, perfections, and passionate
  • Have deep understanding about software that is needed in the field such as Celtx
  • Can create vide planning with suitable scripting
  • Capable to run Pinnacle Studio 16 and Ultimate
  • Can use Adobe Creative Site for editing, scripting, and marketing
  • Can operate the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate, video applications, programs and others for best result
  • Can work with high speed and under pressure environment



Alexandria, VA

09/2013 – 11/2017

  • Works with various teams and capable to work in the studio
  • Capable to create communication for different part of the team including team up and connecting to production team
  • Work with edit film production team and involve in the project successfully
  • Do the inserting of the closed captioning, on-screen text video and graphics
  • Have skills to do computer graphics, adding the captions and other stuff, as well as creating the special effects in the video
  • Do the technical acumen and handle all of the tasks such as operation video, configurations, setting up, fixing video, audio, lighting, and others
  • Capable to discus with team and clients and build the deal projects with clear image



Newport, RI

07/2008 – 10/2013

  • Involve in the shooting and editing video and the footage for team
  • Works with sound production and capable to put best effort in the task
  • Handle the film editing and the post-production
  • Handle the basic interviewing, film editing, and camera operating
  • Working with creative director and capable to build great communication skills
  • Can figure out the type of the photography and videography tools
  • Can assembly and disassembly hardware as well as do the regular cleaning for maintaining the performance of the tools
  • Capable to do repairs and maintaining the tools
  • Being used and expertise to prepare and create the B “rolls” or the background film in the recorded video
  • Do the review and interview for people or clients


EDUCATION                       UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA SCHOOL                                                                                         Bachelor’s Degree of Film and Video Editing



  • Have great eye sights without minus or plus condition
  • Understand about video editing and know how operate the tools
  • Put attention to details and capable to multi tasks at the same time
  • Have creative mind and offer critical thinking
  • Works with passionate, focus, and independent
  • Have great interpersonal skills
  • Capable to work and team up with others
  • Have great self-motivation, dedication, and put commitment
  • Can work in the organizational mode and compose the time management skills
  • Have ability to work in the fast paced work environment
  • Capable to maintain high performance skills to give best result
  • Can set up professional quality in visuals, graphics, and photography
  • Understand about photographic instruments, applications, and programs


Videographer Resume Sample

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