Warehouse Manager Resume Sample

Warehouse manager resume sample will play vital role in the provide chain in management process and handle a variety of goods. This job will supervise all activities that will take place in warehouse. They also will work to make sure that all departments are working well. The success will come to the Warehouse when the warehouse manager has great ability to organize. Therefore, if you are interested in this job, it is important for you to understand the responsibility of this job position such as liaising with clients and suppliers. Besides, other responsibility for this job is recruiting and coaching the staff, motivating team, and monitoring service quality. Moreover, your resume also should demonstrate your leadership, organization, supply chain management expertise, and many more.

Charles Heaven

89776 Rau Orchard, Dallas, TX Phone: +1 (555) 786 3456


Experiences                                       Entertainment Department Warehouse Manager, Los Angeles

01/ 2016 – present

  • Serves and executes the solutions for continuing warehouse facility maintenance, organization, and also development
  • Advance, implement, and maintain helpful and efficient methods for theatrical asset administration, storage and handling
  • Advance and administer use of new asset tracking database system, frequently convincing accuracy of stock database versus stored assets
  • Manage daily responsibility or assignments and continuing advancement of warehouse staff
  • Offer scheduling support and source allocation for warehouse employees
  • Convinces directly and maintain safe work environment throughout warehouse facility
  • Does regular excellence checks of stored asset for preservation assurance purposes
  • Set up and work to uphold the consistency and reliability of productivity standard
  • Convinces that all safety manufacturer are fully obedient with local state regulations

Warehouse Manager in San Francisco

01/ 2011 – 12/ 2015

  • Leading the team of two team leaders and also more than 40 warehouse assistant
  • Managed the engineered standards and pay for show program for the night shift connections intended to maximize efficiency
  • Staying to the company policies, directive regarding standard of place of work behavior in completing the job duties and assignments
  • Tasked to convince the short and long term leadership and administration of warehouse operations and employees such as completing of replacement of stocks
  • Evaluated and examined all of data and scorecards of KPIs as bases for incessantly improving account controls
  • Uphold a clean and hygienic working environment that is 100% grievance with local state regulation
  • Reviewed frequently the operating procedures in the dealing out of ground beef, pork products, poultry, and smoked meats such as ham, sausages, and bacon
  • Arranged to purchase orders conducted common catalog cycle counts, worked to resolve all discrepancies by conducting consistently

Education                                            Liberty University of Texas

Bachelor’s Degree in Integrity


  • Able to do multi-task with strong group skills and attention to the detail
  • Basic computer understanding and proficient with Microsoft Office Suit
  • Able to be a strong leader and a squad player with the ability to assign the task correctly to employee and motivate them
  • Excellent understanding of maintenance and work saving practices
  • Demonstrate the ability to solve the problem
  • Great ability to connect and communicate with the team

Warehouse Manager Resume Sample


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