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Writing a Website Quotation with 5 Basic Steps

Website quotation is a document that essentially states the information a client needs to know whether a she or he would like to get website designer services or any other website project. If you have a business that provides such service, you have to be able to write this kind of quotation.

Quotation For Development and Maintenance


How to Make a Website Quotation

If you have never made a website quote template yet, it may sound difficult to write it. You have to know the rules, format and templates as well. But do not worry because in this article we will discuss it all further. So, let’s pay attention to the following discussion.

Before start writing this quote, what you have to do is to ask for specific request of website development. This request will help you understand what your client wants and meet it. So, you can make your client satisfied with your service.

Therefore, it is very important that you ask information as much as possible to your client. So, you will be able to identify the services you will provide as well as the cost you will charge to your client. So, just feel free to ask him or her to get the needed information and optimize the customer satisfaction.

After you know what your client requests, now you can start writing the quotation. You may begin it by writing a draft of your services to meet your client’s request. In this part, you have to outline all services you will provide and the amount for the services.

To provide the pricing, you should be specific. You can break it down into some specific services. Here, you have to put the cost for each service before mentioning the total cost the client needs to pay. It makes everything clear and prevents misunderstanding.

After it is clear what you should write completely, now you have to select the website quotation template. It is important to choose the best template that can develop it and impress your client. Make sure that the template you choose is well formatted so that it is easy to understand.

Next, you need to write down the standard information before you go to the body of this quotation. In this section, you should specify the important details of the quotation. You have to know what to include in this part or section.

You can start with the date when the quotation is written. After that, you can follow it with the details of business such as your business name, address, telephone number, website, etc. You may also need to include the terms & conditions about the quotation. Even more, other details can also be added.


Quotation for Website Development Quote for Website Design 1 Quote for Website Design 2 Simple Website Quotation Website Design and Development Quotation Website Design Quotation Website Quote Example Formal Website Quotation Printable Website Quotation

Finally, you have to develop the body of the website quotation. Make sure that it has informative discussion. You must list the needed services, cost for each service, deliverable requirements, and total amount your client needs to pay. Do not forget to sign it off when you think that everything is alright.

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