10+ Wedding Guest List Template

Wedding Guest List Template is used to list the guests that you are going to invite in your wedding. Preparing wedding list may look complex. You need to prepare many things start from the place for the event, the suit and gown you are going to wear with couple, the ring, and many more things.

One of the thing that you need to put in the list is the fact that you also need to think about the guests who will be invited in your special event. Even though, it is true that you can give all of the tasks to wedding organizer but still you need to mention the list of people you want to invite.

If you find difficulties to arrange your form list, here are some of samples that may help you. This form will help you to arrange the list of your guests so you can give the best experience for all of them. Besides, you can also keep track the list and decide your RVSP guests.

Samples for Wedding Guest List Template

The form of wedding list comes with certain information details. You will find out that the top of the form mostly consists of the title. Under the title there are some information such as guest of honor, place, hostess, phone-number, date of shower, time, co-hostess, and invitation sent by.

Under that data, you will find several list that is formed in a table template. In this side, you can write the guest name, the guest’s address, the date sent, the invitation sent, and the confirmed in the list. The additional data you can put is the gift and the thank you sent.

By this arrangement, it is seen that you can give a special card, a thank you card, with a gift for certain special guests that you have been chosen. You can divide the gift based on your priority. It is allowed to put the additional notes in the form as well.

Your sample wedding guest lists can consist with other similar data. You may do not want to make it too fancy and just want to create a simple one. This template can be suitable for you. You can put the name and the complete address data in the list, just like the previous one.

Then, you can put the relationship information that can be filled out by the guests. A wedding schedule is expected to be filled with families, relatives, friends, business partners, or many others. The additional of this list help you to recognize which guest that attends to the wedding.

Put the information of the invited wedding in the list along with the acceptance and decline options of the wedding invitation. This will help you to find out the guests that can come to the event and those who cannot come there.

A guest list template will also have the food choice. This is the interesting part because you can choose foods and provide to guests to choose what they like. Other thing that is good is gift receive. You can check whether the attendants have got the gift or not

The last part is the thank you letter. You can find whether there is a thank you letter that is sent from individuals, organization, or company that is sent to the wedding. All of the data can be arranged in a systematic way.

You can put the template design that is suitable with the wedding theme. You can also match it with the concept that is brought to the wedding party. All of it can be done easily through Wedding Guest List Template.


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