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Wedding is one of many important events for someone. Sacred, regal, romantic, and once in a lifetime are the impressions that one wants to be able to experience in a wedding. This is reflected in every element that underlies his wedding. Wedding clothes, wedding venues, wedding decorations, food, entertainment, wedding mementos, to wedding invitations need to be prepared in such a way that gives the impression of an impression on the bride and groom, family, and the people invited. For this reason, you should not randomly choose your wedding invitation templates. Make sure your wedding invitation reflects the personality of you and your partner. The templates that are available below can also shorten the processing time of the invitation and the cost of hiring a designer to design the invitation from scratch.

Wedding Invitation in photoshop

What SHOULD be in a wedding invitation template

1. The theme must be in accordance with the theme of marriage

The wedding invitation template you choose should be in line with the entire wedding theme. If your wedding theme is modern, don’t choose a classic wedding invitation template, for example. Instead, choose minimalist wedding invitation templates or chic wedding invitation templates.

2. Providing RSVP cards

Today, invitations can be easily distributed via online. People who intend to attend your wedding do not need to send RSVP via post like in the old days. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have your wedding invitation also attach RSVP cards that can be easily sent back via email or your wedding’s special website.

Wedding Invitation in psd design

3. High resolution template

For printing purposes, choose a high-resolution wedding invitation template and various file types. Don’t let the invitation printed later be blurry. This high-resolution template also applies to online invitations because it is more compatible with a variety of electronic devices and screen sizes.


What SHOULD NOT be in a wedding invitation template

1. Bad typeface

Maybe you are moved to use a strange typeface alias typeface so that your wedding invitation attracts people who see it. It’s best not to use unique but difficult-to-read fonts. There are wedding invitation templates that use a combination of 2 compatible fonts, still unique without sacrificing readibility.

Wedding Invitation psd

2. Too much decorations

You might also be interested in choosing wedding invitation templates that have lots of accents and decorations. However, the more decoration, the more the message of the wedding invitation is not conveyed properly. Flower accents in the corner of the invitation, using simple geometric shapes in the background of the invitation, or the dividing line between the bride’s name and the event schedule are some decorations that still make sense.

Wedding Invitation example psd design

3. Does not display complete information

The idea of giving a wedding invitation that is very minimalist like just writing the initials of the person who is married and the date, might cross your mind. However, the main purpose of a wedding invitation is to invite the person given the invitation to attend your wedding. Therefore, write in full the bride’s name, date and day of the wedding, the location of the wedding, and RSVP.


Wedding Invitation templates psd

Wedding Invitation templates for photoshop

Wedding Invitation Example

Wedding Invitation psd templates

Wedding Invitation psd templates

Wedding Invitation Design Ideas

Wedding Invitation customizable psd design templates


Wedding Invitation in photoshop

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