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Weekly Lesson Plan Templates

No matter what subject you teach, you should have a perfect lesson plan for your class. At this time, the role of the weekly lesson plan template becomes real. Your lesson plans don’t need to be grand and complex. A good lesson plan is sufficient to have elements of what you will teach students, how you will teach lesson materials, goals and objectives that you and your students want to achieve. All lesson plans should be tailored to the students’ abilities, the availability of teaching materials, and the curriculum to be followed.

weekly lesson plan psd templates

A good lesson plan should continue with the previous lesson plan and integrate directly into the next lesson plan. What is clear, preparing a lesson plan has four advantages as follows:

1. You as a teacher become more confident

When you have a lesson plan, you have complete control over classes and lessons. You will find it easier to keep them focused and on the right track.

2. Evaluate your teaching

By using the lesson plans, you can evaluate your performance in teaching. You can also make adjustments in your teaching technique or teaching style

3. You can organize your class more easily

Lesson plans help you think in organized terms, so you can visualize each step of the teaching. Students will find it easier to neglect assignments and act at will when the class is not well organized.

4. If you are a substitute teacher / temporary, lesson plain can be your main guide

You need to coordinate with the teacher you replace, well, with the lesson plans, this becomes easier.

What SHOULD be in a lesson plan template

1. Student background

Information such as interests and talents and whether they prefer to work individually or in groups, and whether any students need special assistance.

weekly lesson plan psd

2. What students have learned

If you make lesson plans according to the curriculum, you should know what students have learned. Decide whether you need to review it or not.

weekly lesson plan templates psd

3. What is the best way for them to learn

There are several teaching techniques you need to know: you need to know the type of student in your class, the types of goals you and your students want to achieve, and what materials are available.

Weekly Lesson Plan Templates

We have provided you with our weekly lesson plan templates that you can download, modify, and print for free in this website, including:

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weekly lesson plan templates for photoshop

Weekly Lesson Plan Design Ideas

weekly lesson plan psd templates weekly lesson plan customizable psd design templates

Weekly Lesson Plan Ideas

weekly lesson plan example psd design weekly lesson plan in photoshop

Weekly Lesson Plan Example

weekly lesson plan in photoshop weekly lesson plan in psd design

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