5+ Sample Wholesale Agreement Templates

How to Draft Wholesale Agreement Templates

Wholesale agreement is an agreement made between channel partners that stipulate both parties’ responsibilities. The parties are commonly between a vendor or manufacturer & a distributor. However, wholesale agreement templates can also be made between 2 distributors or other channel entities.

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How to Write a Wholesale Agreement Template

There are some basic elements in a distributor agreement template. They are term, terms & conditions and also sales territories that are covered by the agreement. Besides, the manufacturer also needs to determine whether this agreement is going to be exclusive or nonexclusive. It must be stated clearly.

Then, the manufacturer also has to decide the strategy of distribution when they consider the agreement to enter. Some of the common strategies include selective strategy, intensive strategy, etc. Now, let’s see the more detail parts or sections that you will have to provide in this kind of agreement.

The first thing what you have to include in the agreement should be terms & conditions of the sale. In this section, you must describe the rules that both parties have to follow related to the agreement. So, make sure that you describe the terms and conditions as detail & clear as possible.

Besides that, you also cannot forget providing the term the contract or the agreement is in effect. Just explain it with understandable language. Keep it short but clear so that both parties will understand it well. This is considered as one of the most important parts in a distribution agreement template.

Then, marketing rights should be included in this wholesale agreement too. In this part, you have to list the rights related to the marketing. So, the marketing is able to sell the products and get the rights well. The marketing rights can be various. For examples are salaries, bonuses, etc.

Next, what you will need to provide in the agreement is trademark licensing. Trademark licensing is very important and it can affect the customers. With trademark license, the marketing will be able to sell the products more easily. Besides, it also avoids any issue between 2 parties in the future,

It also must be clear about the geographical territory that is covered by the wholesale agreement. So, the distributor can sell the products only in the geographical territory agreed. They are not allowed to distribute the products out of the agreed geographical territory without the vendor’s permission.

Then, the agreement must also include the performance. It must be informed as detail & clear as possible. It is also important to include the report. Reporting cannot be forgotten. It must be included as detail & clear possible in the agreement. So, both parties will be able to see it all.

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The last section of wholesale agreement templates is for circumstances where the agreement may be terminated. In fact, there are some cases that may lead to contract termination. It must be stated clearly about the cases that can cause termination. So, both parties can be more careful.

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