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The initial stage of job search starts from registration using a cover letter and CV, which is sorted using technology with predetermined criteria. If you qualify, you will enter the interview stage. If you decide not to take this opportunity, you will need a withdrawal application letter. This letter is a professional way of letting a recruiter know you don’t want to reconsider the position.

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How Do I Write A Letter To Withdraw An Application?

When ending the interview process, some common reasons are looking for other jobs, complex recruitment processes, job mismatch, relocation, and even family needs.

The application letter’s withdrawal begins with an expression of appreciation and gratitude for the time and consideration given during your interview. Make sure the contents of the letter are positive to avoid bad things that might happen. Make sure you don’t include the words getting “better job” or don’t want to work for the company. It will have a very negative impact during the interview process. In general, this withdrawal letter is written briefly and to the point and is shown directly to the interviewer.

How I Write A Letter of Withdraw?

A Letter of withdrawing is an official letter that aims to end your relationship with the company for a job offer. With this letter, the job application that you submit will get consideration to be stopped.

Four steps that must be considered when writing a withdrawal application letter, including:

  1. Prioritize politeness regardless of the reasons used.
  2. Include and explain the reason for writing the letter. Write using good grammar and avoid anything sensitive or negative.
  3. Include the date the relationship officially ended.
  4. Don’t forget to thank the company for their time.

How Do You Withdraw A Job Application?

Job application withdrawal letters can be sent online via email. Although they can be posted online, there are a few things to watch out to maintain your courtesy and still look professional.

Some things that must be considered include:

  1. Email subject. Write a specific subject description that describes the need and purpose of the email. Include the name and facts of the withdrawal of the job application letter.
  2. Write a letter concisely and to the point. The letter includes gratitude for the consideration given, the reason for withdrawing the application, date of withdrawal, and thank you as a closing.
  3. Immediately create a withdrawal application letter if the job offered is not appropriate. Don’t wait too long because it won’t be effective and efficient.

How Do You Respond To An Application Withdrawal?

Information on the continuation of the job recruitment stage will usually be announced via email. However, if you decide to end the process for some reason that makes you unsuitable for the job, you will need a withdrawal application letter to reply to the email.

Before sending a withdrawal letter via email, all you have to do is contact the recruiting committee and regret that you cannot continue the next process. If you directly send a letter by email, this can be misunderstood.

Withdrawing an application letter is a polite and professional way to support the decision to quit the hiring process after an interview. If you don’t go through this process, it can have a negative impact in the future.

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