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Word order is a form that will help you establish what the clients or customers want and also give them the cost estimate of their order. This is often needed in various businesses that offer services or products. Therefore, in this article we will discuss about the right work order format.

Templates Professional Service Work Order 2 Example


How to Make a Work Order Format

There are many work order format samples that you can find. In fact, work order is made for different businesses and situations. So, you have to know the type of work order first before you decide to write it. Let’s see the description of some types of work order.

The first is Garage Work Order. It is used in a business of maintaining and repairing garages. In fact, many people have garage but they do not understand how to maintain and repair it. In this form, you will need to list down the parts of garage that need to be repaired or replaced.

The second is Vehicle Work Order. This work order is used in an auto repair business. In fact, cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles need to be maintained and sometimes repaired. This work order lists down the description of services done as well as technician assigned to the vehicle.

Change of Word Order is also one of the types. This is a form needed when a client needs to make change to the work order. This form is used to handle it. It emphasizes any deducted fees or additional fees and also the services that should be changed, removed or added.

Another popular type is Computer Repair Work Order. As we know, computer can overheat. Some other issues also may happen to computer. This work order will be needed when there is a client who needs help of computer repairmen.

After knowing about work order template samples, now we will discuss about the information you need to provide in the format. In the first section, you have to focus on customer & shipping info. You can start with the institution’s or client’s name. It should be followed with the contact person’s name.

After that, you can continue by providing the complete address such as city, state as well as zip code. It is also important for you to include the contact information that includes phone number, email address, or any other required contact info. The more detailed contact info given, the better it will be.

The second section is for billing details. Basically, billing details contain the same field as the customer & shipping info section. However, this section will be filled only if the order is billed to another institution or person. If not, you can skip and continue for the next section.


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The last section of work order format is Payment Method. Here, you have to provide the details of payment. It may relate to what payment method is used. Besides, it may also relate to return shipping info. Besides these basic sections, sometimes there are some work orders that need additional sections.

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