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What is a workout?

According to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, workout is a practice or exercise to test or improve one’s fitness for athletic competition, ability, or performance. Working out means to engage in a workout. Particularly, people do workout regularly at the gym.

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What is a workout plan?

Personal trainers are very expensive. Good trainers are indeed the fare to match the results. They are able to make significant and impressive changes in record time. However, a dedicated trainer is very expensive, it doesn’t fit into the budget of most people.

Alternatively, you can use a workout plan to schedule your workout routine well without having to spend hundreds to millions of dollars at a well-known gym. Previously, you had to be able to think like a trainer in scheduling your workout plan.

Here are five factors you should consider when building your workout routine.

1. Consistency is the key to getting good results on a workout routine

Any workout routine even the best in the world means nothing if you don’t really carry it out with your heart. So, consider creating a do-able workout plan. Take your day into account by making a general schedule for the week. Then, choose five days for workout and two days for rest. This schedule, for most people, is sufficient if you want good results. Set a few days for strenuous exercise and others for recovery or light training.

2. Consider active recovery in your workout schedule

Set two days for active recovery; a day for “light exercise” and a day for “rest.” You can choose light yoga, casual swimming, and leisurely walks as activities during an active recovery day.

workout plan psd templates

3. Define variations in your workout routine

If you have a boring workout routine, in addition to making you bored, it can also increase the chance of injury. Avoid workout plans that have the same pattern over and over again. This will also make mental burnout.

4. Set challenges to increase the intensity of the workout over time

In order for your progress to be consistent, your hard workouts will need to increase in difficulty from time to time. For example, set challenges to speed up the completion of your workout routine, increase the load per workout, or increase the volume. Even so, don’t make your workout routine heavier in a moment. Instead, assign additional challenges gradually.

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5. Track the progress of your workout plan

Record keeping is very important for making smart workout plans. The records written in it must be objective and subjective. Objective records, for example, are the best times you get in a sprint practice. Meanwhile, subjective records, for example, what your body feels during exercise, and so on. By setting records like this, you will know exactly which routine worked and didn’t work for you. Workout routines that do not fit can be replaced or altered as appropriate.

Free Workout Plan Templates

You can download, modify, and print our workout plan templates here:

workout plan templates psd

Workout Plan Templates Design Ideas

workout plan templates for photoshop workout plan psd templates

Workout Plan Templates Ideas

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Workout Plan Templates Example

workout plan in photoshop workout plan in photoshop

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