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YouTube End Screen Templates


Several years ago, the free video sharing site YouTube launched its mobile-friendly “End Screens” feature. This feature has the aim of attracting video viewers to keep watching other videos even though the video they are watching has been completed. The End Screens feature is very useful for content creators. To do this, they can insert a special thumbnail at the end of the video, which can be used to ask viewers to view other videos after they finish watching the video. Alternatively, content creators can also insert a thumbnail which will redirect them to the subscribe channel button, visit collaborator channels, and so on. Previously, YouTube has released the Annotations feature, a feature that can only be accessed from the desktop and can also be used to manually create End Screens by adding clickable links to the video in question.

youtube end screen psd templates

YouTube End Screens Terms

  1. In order to add End Screens, the duration of your video must be at least 25 seconds long.
  2. You have the option to add YouTube End Screens in the last 5-20 seconds of your videos.
  3. The elements in End Screens can be used to promote other videos, invite viewers to subscribe to your channel, invite viewers to visit other channels, and so on.
  4. During End Screens, viewers cannot access other interactive elements that you may have added to your videos, such as branding watermarks and card teasers.
  5. The End Screens feature is not available for videos intended for children.


Here’s how to add End Screens to videos

  1. Open the Videos page in YouTube Studio
  2. Select the video you want to add End Screen to
  3. Select Editor from the menu on the right
  4. Select “Add an End Screen”
  5. Add or modify End Screen to your liking

youtube end screen psd

You can also add an End Screen element or modify it when you upload a new video.


How to customize YouTube End Screen

1. Apply the YouTube End Screen Template

The YouTube End Screen Template contains elements grouped in such a way that they can be used immediately as the End Screen. Besides being able to choose the YouTube End Screen Template that is already available, you can apply new templates that you download from other sources. To do this, select More then Apply Template.

youtube end screen templates psd

2. Easily add new End Screen elements

Apart from applying the new template, you can add an End Screen element by selecting the “+ Element” option which is located at the end of the Editor menu. Easily add new elements by clicking on an empty End Screen section in the YouTube Editor.

3. Change the End Screen element type

You can change the End Screen element type to your liking. To do this, click the element you want to replace in the Editor. After that, choose the element types you want in the element type dropdown. The choices include videos, playlists, merchandise, subscribe, channels, and links (YouTube partner program). Specifically for Video types, you can choose to show YouTube’s best recommendations, specific videos, or your channel’s last uploaded video. Meanwhile, if you select the channel type, you can add your own special (custom) message.

youtube end screen templates for photoshop

4. Change the element timing

To be able to change when the End Screen appears, click the element in the Editor. After that, you can update your End Screen’s video start time and/or end time of the element by editing the same element at the End Screen time. The location of this option is to the left of your video while on the Editor page. You can also use the mouse to drag the video to the right timing to bring up the End Screen.

5. Change element position

To change the position of an element, select the element in the Editor. You can drag the element to the desired location after that. You can also use the grid to select the “Snap to Grid” and “Snap to Element” options.

youtube end screen psd templates

6. Check your End Screen before finalizing it

Select the play button in the video player to show a preview of how your End Screen will look on the viewer’s screen.

youtube end screen customizable psd design templates

YouTube End Screen Design Ideas

youtube end screen example psd design youtube end screen in photoshop

YouTube End Screen Example

youtube end screen in photoshop youtube end screen in psd design

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