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When you go to a bookstore, the first thing you notice of all the books on display there is the cover. So, book authors collaborate with book cover designers to make book covers as attractive as possible to increase sales of the book.

The same is true of YouTube videos. Millions of videos have been uploaded on various sites using Google’s free videos. So, it is quite difficult to navigate the required video even though there is a fairly sophisticated search feature. In order for your videos to be the one that visitors click on more often, you need to create a big first impression. One way to do this is by uploading attractive YouTube thumbnails. After all, YouTube thumbnails are the first thing visitors notice before they decide to click on your video or not. YouTube thumbnails that don’t appeal or don’t match what they’re looking for will make your videos just skipped over when they appear in search results.

Youtube Thumbnail psd templates

You will miss a chance of getting good video traffic if you insist you don’t want to upload custom YouTube thumbnails and let YouTube select random scenes to be made into thumbnails. It is because a good YouTube thumbnail contributes to 90% of the best-performing YouTube videos.

You can use YouTube thumbnail templates as a general guideline for creating your own YouTube thumbnail. Here are the following tips to make your thumbnail even better and clickable.


What SHOULD be in a YouTube thumbnail template

1. Expressive

People will be more interested in clicking on your video if the thumbnail represents an expressive person. This is because the human eye is more attracted to faces, especially if those faces display certain expressions.

2. Large, bold text

YouTube thumbnails are small. For this reason, large text and bold print will really help someone to identify whether the video is what they need or not.

Youtube Thumbnail templates psd

3. Add a sticker effect to the main object you want to highlight

The sticker effect on the main object will make the object stand out. This will make visitors more interested in clicking on your video.

Youtube Thumbnail psd

4. Use a contrasting font color to create a highlight effect

Poor contrast makes the posts on your YouTube thumbnails difficult to read. So, contrasting colored overlay on your YouTube thumbnail can make highlighting effect on your YouTube thumbnail.


What SHOULD NOT be in a YouTube thumbnail templates

1. Blurry thumbnail

Pay attention to the dimensions of the YouTube thumbnail size so that you don’t get blurry when uploaded.

Youtube Thumbnail templates for photoshop

2. Too many decorations

While your YouTube thumbnails should be catchy, they shouldn’t be overly decorated either. For example, pointless red circles to indicate interesting things that must be considered. In fact, this is not necessary.

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Youtube Thumbnail Ideas

Youtube Thumbnail example psd design Youtube Thumbnail in photoshop

Youtube Thumbnail Example

Youtube Thumbnail in photoshop Youtube Thumbnail in psd design

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