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Thanks to Clarus Care, our company delivers unparalleled support to over 800 hospitals. Our one-of-a-kind system offers expertise on Patient safety and satisfaction as well as smart financial operations.


Clarus customizes linen products and specialty policies for the patients and staff of medical clinics and physician offices. We provide daily deliveries based on your schedule. We also establish appropriate inventory levels that help manage cost.


Clarus offers unique services and financial programs for long term facilities and their residents. We provide individual quality linens and uniforms as well as laundry service for patients’ personal wardrobes. We can customize a linen program to distinguish your facility for the market place.

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Clarus Care

We think differently about how to do business. We’re not just a linen service company. We are a healthcare company. With Clarus Care, we provide you with quality clinical support that will boost your patients’ satisfaction and safety. We also offer efficiency expertise that can help you run your business better. Bottom line? Our program will help you provide the absolute best care for your patients.

How We Do It

Quality Clinical Support

We are the only company to employ highly experienced registered nurses as Patient Service Reps to regularly monitor your facility. They speak your language. They advocate for the best care possible for each and every patient at your facility. Their knowledge about infection prevention also means they can be counted on to to help avoid HAI crises. They never stop looking for ways to improve your HCAHPS scores. Plus, with Clarus On Call, our 24-hour express service, you have support whenever you need it.

Savvy Business Strategy

Looking to control spending? Our proprietary “Clarus Client Scorecard” tracks trends in linen item utilization, patient day costs and inventory control in order to provide you with smarter, more effective distribution. A Linen Asset Manager oversees exactly what reusable linen products go in and out of your facility on a daily basis. Based on their attention to detail, the asset managers will set PAR levels that make the most sense—and manage inventory and costs. We will also keep you appraised of product advancements in the industry. All of this allows you to make better decisions about how you do business.

Everything we do touches your patients

About Us

Established in 1923, Clarus Linen Systems has grown in seven different states from New York to Georgia. We employ 1,200 dedicated team members and service more than 800 healthcare hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, ASCs and other clinical sites, and physician offices. We are a healthcare company focused on the important clinical and financial objectives of the clients we serve. Our mission is twofold: to provide comfortable care to patients and managed spending for our Clients who provide that care. We staff our client accounts with our Patient Service Representatives who are all Registered Nurses with years of experience caring for patients in hospitals like yours.

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At Clarus Linens, we believe that to achieve our goals and our highest potential, the most important element of our strategy is to attract, retain, and develop the best and the brightest talents. We only hire the most talented, most passionate, most caring — We only hire the best. At Clarus, our employees are not just employees, we’re a team.

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